Galactic Season 6 in Review

We've got less than a month left of Galactic Season 6, and usually I would've been done with and written about the whole thing weeks ago. The reason I'm still at it this time is the Fragments Found achievement, which is grindy and horrible and which, at my current rate, will keep me busy until the very last week of the season. Still, that last stretch seems pretty predictable at this point, so I thought I might as well share my thoughts on the season as a whole.

GS5 was a slam dunk for me last year, so it pains me to say that GS6 was a bit more of a mixed bag. Let's get into the whys and hows.

Theme & Rewards

I expressed at the end of Season 5 that all the free decorations handed out as part of the seasons reward track had rekindled my interest in housing in an unexpected way, so I loved that the main reward for Season 6 was a stronghold. The Copero Villa is beautiful, and with its smaller rooms it fills a niche that wasn't previously catered to, offering a housing option for those who aren't so fond of the giant vaulted ceilings that are present pretty much everywhere else in the game.

Top-down look of the entrance area to the Copero stronghold, with a Makeb Gazebo on the landing pad

The matching decorations on the reward track were also absolutely beautiful, and I can say with confidence that I finally stopped fretting about what to do with my season tokens whenever I get close to the cap again - I can always use a few more of those beautiful decos from the vendor. There were some other solid pieces on the reward track as well.


The objectives were... okay. I definitely appreciated that the devs took the feedback about the ops objective from last season on board and changed it so it only required completion of a single story or veteran mode operation instead of two to four within a single week. Otherwise it was mostly the same old, except that they seemed to want to mix things up a bit by doubling up on certain objectives, like in that one week when all three "kill 100 mobs with your companion" objectives were active at the same time, which was kind of strange in a way that I can't really rate as good or bad.

I did think the seasonal objective to visit another person's stronghold was genius in its simplicity and I had a lot of fun looking at other people's strongholds across all servers. The posts I wrote about this were also quite popular with at least a certain subset of my readers, somewhat to my surprise.


The story is where the disappointment starts to set in, because after how much I enjoyed Galactic Season 5's story, I had high hopes for this one. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Season 5 was a narrative masterpiece, but it was an actual piece of story content where I didn't expect it, with a fun little mystery and three missions that actually offered you choices that changed the experience a little. I really liked that.

Unfortunately Season 6's story was nothing like it. It still came with three missions that you unlocked as you progressed along the reward track, but they didn't feel like part of a coherent whole, offered no choices and didn't come to any kind of real conclusion.

Shintar and Amity talking to Vagol Oss in the Copero Villa. Amity says: "Something about you is very familiar. Do you know the Messengers of the Cold Moon?"

There was a little Easter Egg for those who brought Amity along again though, solidifying his position as best boy in my mind.

I actually thought the first mission was quite interesting at first, and the idea of "run this flashpoint" being framed as an act of studying history struck me as very clever. Unfortunately the three flashpoints you were required to run are all on the long side if you don't have stealth, and it made the mission a bit of a drag to do more than once. Most annoyingly though, you kind of go into it with the expectation of learning more about your mysterious Chiss benefactors at the end, but you don't get to meet any of them, and Vagol Oss' information about House Inrokini's goals remains vague all the way to the end.

In the second mission you meet a Jedi researcher called Cay Teenu who has also come to help you out with your studies. She's interested in biology and has a strained relationship with a former padawan who was expelled from the Jedi order. I thought this was actually the most coherent of the three missions, because at least it comes to somewhat of a conclusion with the Jedi thanking you for your help at the end.

The final part introduces yet another character who wants you to run errands for her, a disgraced Sith named Juna Helos. However, once you complete her mission, nothing happens. I initially thought I'd missed something - both her and Vagol offer some more conversation options after their missions, but they didn't yield any more information. I even went all conspiracy theorist for a little while, wondering whether there was some deeper meaning to each NPC making recommendations about what kind of decorations you could put into the house, whether you needed to decorate the villa in a certain way to unlock the last part of the story. But no, doing additional research on this just yielded other people being confused by the sudden cut-off as well. Season 6's story consists of nothing but running some errands in the name of mysterious benefactors that you don't get to meet and that's... it. No pay-off. With Juna Helos also appearing in the Spring Abundance storyline, another option I considered was whether there could be a continuation next season, but I think that would be a bit odd and seems unlikely to me.

Blueprint Fragments

I wrote about how the removal of the seasonal reputation track caused some confusion at the start of the season, and the way the devs kept the seasonal currency in as nothing but vendor trash. This definitely seemed like a strange setup, but once I understood what was happening, I didn't mind it too much.

The problems started once I realised how stupidly grindy the final achievement was that replaced the old reputation track. With the seasonal reputations, I'd never had any issues with maxing them out well before the end of the season. Acquiring the reputation tokens took no special effort beyond doing my weekly objectives every week, I just had to remember to actually pop them in order to max out my weekly reputation allocation in a timely manner. In fact, last season I commented on how I didn't see the point of the "Brrazz's Gift" booster items since I never needed to boost the item drop rate for the reputation currency anyway.

In hindsight it feels like that comment of mine made the monkey paw curl... I was hoping for a nicer and more useful type of reward when I wrote that, but the devs apparently took it to mean that they needed to make the boosters more useful by turning the seasonal currency into a horrible grind that will make you yearn for anything to alleviate the pain.

Tooltip for the Blueprint Fragments item. It reads: Bound to Legacy. A small fragment of building blueprints for various constructions useful for the Stronghold on Copero. Once collected the information is automatically transmitted, leaving the fragment inert. These command a small price to some vendors and can be sold freely. They will only be found durnig the Galactic Season "Building a Foundation".

Don't get me wrong, I get that this is the "top tier" achievement that requires extra effort, but the degree of extra effort required this season was ridiculous. I don't know anyone who aimed for that achievement and wasn't fretting about it pretty much throughout the whole season. The thing that got me was that I spend so much time in this game and yet still only just scraped by because of how incredibly grindy it is.

It doesn't sound so bad on paper; after all you earn fragments for completing pretty much any kind of PvE group content, plus while simply fighting things with your companion. In practice though, you can (and I have) spend hours playing the game without making any progress towards this achievement whatsoever. Doing PvP? Nada. GSF? Nope. Killing some ops bosses with your guild but you don't fully clear because you're still progressing? Nothing. Killing things with your companion in areas that don't count for some reason? This has to be the worst one because you just can't tell what kind of area will or won't count and why. I killed hundreds of mobs in the Minboosa District while playing through the 7.5 story repeatedly, and those didn't drop a single fragment. Other areas do seem to be eligible but still offer only a crap drop rate. I did Kessan's Landing dailies (as a non-stealther) with the Brrazz buff on, just to end up with two fragments in my inventory at the end. Out of 1500 needed. It just felt ridiculous.

When someone who plays as many hours as I do a week still struggles, something seems wrong to me. I've heard people say that you can earn a decent amount of fragments by applying the buff and then just slaughtering flesh raiders on Tython for an hour or two... which may be true but also sounds like absolutely awful gameplay. It shouldn't be like that!

And that's without even starting on the fact that the buff items, for what little good they did, were bind on pickup instead of bind to legacy, and the buff didn't stop running once you logged off, so if you couldn't play for the full hour of the buff duration in a single play session - tough luck, the rest was wasted.

I hope that whatever they end up doing for the next season doesn't include anything like this. If they don't want to do a reputation track anymore, that's fine, but collecting 1500 pieces of vendor trash that only drops under certain (unclear) circumstances, and with a low drop rate at that, was just a horrible replacement all around.


  1. I am hoping that the devs might be planning to continue this story in future seasons? The story in this wa sbasically just us being introduced to Cay Teenu and Juna Helos as our fellow researchers in this project thats going on. So in theory they could do a season focused around Cay and her creature research and then another season focused around Juna and her dark side research. Since Vagol Oss appears to be on his pilgrimage for the Messengers of the Cold Moon we could potentially learn moire about them too.

    At least that's my personal wish/hope, we will find out soon enough I guess with the upcoming dev live stream.

    I think a season's success will always be largely up to someone's personal tastes, I did like many of the rewards this season (especially the stronghold, curious to see what next seasons "main" reward will be). The blueprints was too grindy yeah and it also ticked me off PVP did not reward any at all.

    1. If the story does continue in some way, that'll definitely change my opinion... but I guess I just don't see how that would work. What if you haven't done Season 6, how would you start Season 7 if it's a straight continuation? They've always seemed to me like they're meant to be pretty self-contained, with stuff like Amity commenting on the Messengers of the Cold Moon just being fun little Easter Eggs.

      And agreed that all of this is of course largely subjective, but I'll also say that I haven't met anyone who liked the way the fragments worked this season yet... 😛

    2. Blueprints are definitely too grindy, I feel their drop rate seems way lower then the ones for previous seasons that could be turned into reputation items. Because I remember hitting the weekly cap (seems it was 200) of those each week easily.

  2. I hadn't brought Amity to the stronghold. Kudos for thinking of that and seeing a unique response. :)

    Other than the fragments issue -- more on that in a moment -- the season was mostly a filler one for me. Nothing terribly exciting, but nothing horribly bad about most of the season. Though I probably won't use the stronghold much as the NPCs introduced can't be removed or hidden. In general strongholds feel like being a home owner, whereas this one feels like being a renter with some sort of social service constantly doing inspections. ^_^

    Fragments. Ugh. I am at 778 out of 1500 fragments with just 10 weekly objectives left to go. In all the other seasons the currency would have been done by now. At first I thought the token for Brrazz's buff would make the difference, but I honestly never noticed any change in the drop rate of the fragments. Now, if using the buff meant you got, say, 1 to 5 fragments per mob killed that would have been just fine. I would have ground out what I needed in a reasonable time using the items provided with the Season itself. As it is, I would likely have to spend precious purple Jawa Junk to buy enough tokens to get almost half of the fragments I need for the achievement. :sigh:

    I hope they revisit the achievement, but I suspect they won't. As I've indicated elsewhere, my desire for completion is going to be broken and knowing me I'll likely not make as much effort with Galactic Seasons going forward. I mean, I'll get the things I want, but doing any extra won't likely happen. Whereas up to this point I've wanted to see all the bars be full.

    Still, I am glad they tried something different instead of making each season exactly like the last one. I just hope they learned fragments were a bad idea. If they can't get rid of the currencies due to a programming issue I do hope they go to the other extreme and flood us with the silly things so that it becomes a freebie achievement. :)

    1. I only know about the bit with Amity because I saw someone else mention it somewhere! Which is why I wanted to include it in this post to be honest, to spread the word further.

      I don't mind the stronghold NPCs at all; I view them as free NPC decos that just happen to be unmovable.

      And I need about 160 more fragments myself - with three weeks to go, doing all the weekly and daily objectives should get me most of the way there, and then I just need a few more extra from drops, which should be doable. But it's been a really long road, and not a fun journey. 🙁

  3. I agree that GS6 was a mixed bag.
    - Stronghold is an eye candy but it's also very tricky to decorate with most decos in the game being made for bigger rooms. Bugged doors bug me as well, and I doubt it will be fixed.
    - Story was pointless and weird from lore perspective. Basically it was a half-baked excuse to let us settle on Copero. I didn't think they could've been planning to continue that story in upcoming seasons but maybe?..
    - Weekly objectives didn't synergize well, tasks offered within the week were repetitive. It felt like devs wanted us to spend more time doing weeklies while part of the fan in GS was finding the most optimal way to complete objectives.
    - Blueprint fragments as vendor trash were clearly a last minute decision. I used to max out all GS achievements on my main server, this time I refused to grind. It's unfun waste of time.
    In general, it's great that devs experiment with seasons and try out different approaches but it doesn't always pay off. Hopefully they'll surprise us (in a good way) in GS7 but honestly, I don't feel like I'm looking forward to it.

  4. Thanks for the review! I also enjoyed the rewards this season, especially the stronghold. I understand why some people were annoyed that the rooms and hooks were too small for a lot of decos, but I liked the cozy feel. I hope the devs will release more decos that work in rooms with lower ceilings and smaller hooks.

    I agree that the story was pretty odd, and the required flashpoints were kind of annoying on a non-stealth character. I still haven't summoned up the motivation to run Directive 7 on my secondary server (Shae Vizla), though I'm sure I'll do it eventually.

    I am trying really hard not to be salty about the blueprints, but I'm afraid I'm failing at that. I'm still about 300 short, and I officially gave up this week. I refuse to spend hours grinding rats in the basement of CZ-198, which seems to be the recommended method for people who don't do Ops. I have already wasted more than enough purple Jawa Junk on boosts that ended up yielding 5-10 blueprints per hour during regular play.

    There are a lot of achievements in the game that I don't even think about getting, and I don't really care about the forklift deco. Still, it doesn't feel great to finish 100 season objectives without even getting close to the required number of blueprints. If the devs decide to include something similar next season, I'm going to try to ignore it from the beginning and save my time and Jawa Junk!

    1. I've been kind of the same with D7, as almost all my secondary servers were still stuck on that step until the other day. It's only with the season approaching its end that I figured I should really knock out those last few quests and finish expanding the stronghold everywhere.

  5. This was my first season, since they added the system after the last time I quit. I liked the rewards for just playing as I normally would quite a bit, far superior ot the "nothing at all" we used to get. I also feel like if I had gotten bored with the levelling game, that it would have kept me subbed and messing aroind on my capped characters for a lot longer than I normally would. However, I beleive those comments would have applied to any season.

    I liked the stronghold. I always felt that only visting that planet, which is quite pretty, in a single flashpoint was a shame. I would be happy to see a story expansion and daily area added there at some point (same goes for Umbara). I also liked some of the gear drops too. My new trooper is using the wood and steel blaster cannon in her main outfit (it's elegant compared to many other options).

    The story was a giant nothing burger, but since I had nothing to compare it to I just assumed the stories were always kind of throw-away. I am also still somewhat confused by a few of the mechanics. For example, how is catchup vs normal unlock price determined? Will I not be able to buy any of the otional stuff once the season ends in three weeks? For that matter where is the vendor? Did I maybe miss an option when I was talking to that guy by the front door? Seemingly important details like this aren't fully explained in game, unless I just missed it somehwere ..which is quite possible. I'm actually a lot more focused on living out my trooper/ spy in space fantasies than the the seasonal stuff at the moment.

    I'm glad that they have added enough stuff since LoTS that it feels about like a real expansion now. Hoever, I would have been really annoyed if I had subbed up two years ago and just gotten that first chapter.

    1. Let me try to answer some of these questions!

      For example, how is catchup vs normal unlock price determined?

      Catch-up allows you to buy a certain number of levels with credits once the season has progressed past a certain point (the more levels, the more expensive it gets). Cartel Coins offer the option to buy out the whole track at any time for a static price.

      Will I not be able to buy any of the otional stuff once the season ends in three weeks?

      Not sure what exactly you mean by optional stuff, but things that are on the vendor during the season can usually still be bought for season tokens later on. There is a non-seasonal vendor that offers old rewards and whose stock rotates every week.

      For that matter where is the vendor?

      Both seasonal vendors (the one for the current season and the one offering old stuff) live in the inner ring of the supplies section on the fleet. 🙂

    2. Thanks, very informative. I'm glad that I didn't miss something as completely obvious as the guy by the front door of my new house selling all the seasonal items :-)


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