Drop In: Nar Shaddaa

This past week's seasonal objective to visit other people's strongholds directed us towards Nar Shaddaa... and was honestly a bit disappointing to me, as an awkward part of strongholds' past reared its ugly head. More on that in a bit.

I once again toured strongholds on five out of six servers, skipping Darth Malgus once more as I easily got to 7/7 weeklies completed doing other things I enjoyed.

The first Nar Shaddaa stronghold I visited was on Leviathan, where I took a trip to Rhodania's Jedi Academy, mostly because the name intrigued me. Alderaan may have been a popular place for Jedi-themed strongholds, but Nar Shaddaa didn't strike me as a location that naturally leant itself to that, so I was curious to see what the owner had done with that theme.

Sadly, the answer was "not much". I'm honestly not sure why they chose the "Jedi Academy" moniker for their Sky Palace, because there didn't seem to be anything particularly Jedi about it.

For the most part, the decorations were just a slightly random mix of basic furniture, plants and (presumably) favourite companions standing about. Plus the owner seemed to be fan of Valkorion:

Nothing wrong with that, I had just hoped for more based on the name. Also, this giant dead tree on the balcony struck me as a bit out of place:

Next I opted to travel to Teyla Yue's Lair of Shadows on Tulak Hord. The listing said it was 100% complete and that with over 1.5 million prestige! Yeah, I was today years old when I learned that that number has absolutely nothing to do with what you'll actually find inside the stronghold. I didn't think too much of it at first when I saw nothing but a bunch of utility decorations at the entrance - I figured it was someone being very practical and wanting to have them close at hand when zoning in - but I sure was baffled when I moved on to the next room and found it to be completely empty.

Then I turned into one of the side rooms and... oh.

A room in a Nar Shaddaa stronghold filled with lots of small bioanalysis node decorations and several copies of the same poster on the wall

For those who don't know, when strongholds were first added to the game, the Conquest point bonus they granted was based on stronghold completion percentage, not on how many strongholds you owned and whether they were fully expanded. This meant that in order to min-max, people who didn't care that much about decorating would fill their strongholds with cheap random decos just to maximise their Conquest bonus, and Nar Shaddaa was a popular target for this as all subscribers got it for free when Galactic Strongholds launched. I resisted initially but eventually gave in too and was glad when this system was changed in 2018. However, I never went back to undo the mess in my Sky Palace either, so its walls are still plastered with boss kill posters to this day, and I'm not surprised that other strongholds of this type are still around... just that the owner thought this was worthy of being made into a public listing.

I guess I was kind of surprised by how many rooms they managed to leave entirely empty while still getting to 100%. I went back to double-check my own Nar Shaddaa stronghold and it had to have posters on every single wall, plus a bunch of speeders and pets on various floors to get to 100% completion.

Fortunately Bubba's Game Room on Star Forge (pictured above) was a much nicer place to visit. It actually matched its theme, welcoming both Republic and Empire players (I liked how one of the dual stairways was Republic-themed and the other Imperial) while offering the kinds of amenities you'd expect in something called a "game room", such as a bar, slot machines and a dance floor.

However, my favourite stronghold of the week was undoubtedly Dalroti's Marketplace Cantina on Satele Shan. The owner really put some thought into what it would mean for something to be both a marketplace and a cantina, starting with the entrance featuring a receptionist on a red carpet, flanked by security.

Inside you'll find a Hutt with cronies, as well as tables with food laid out, plus of course the obligatory bar and dance floor.

Finally, I visited Gracey's Stronghold on Shae Vizla and... I guess it should've been a warning sign when there were once again nothing but utility decorations at the entrance. Just... why?

A room in a Nar Shaddaa stronghold filled with basic metal benches and chairs stacked right next to each other

At least this "forest" of lightsaber displays managed to look kind of ominous in an abstract way:

The thing that gets me with this one is... it's on Shae Vizla, a server that only opened last year! While we have server transfers now, your stronghold's layout doesn't transfer with you, so this cannot possibly have anything to do with the way Conquest used to work back in the day. This was someone deciding in 2023/2024 that haphazardly stuffing their stronghold with chairs and benches to get it to 100% completion would be a good idea; I'm just not sure why.


  1. Ah yes, the chair/utility strongholds. Actually, though the most ominous NS stronghold I've seen in that vein was filled with meat trees.

  2. I love how Dalroti clipped together a Senator's desk and a slicing node to create a unique computer desk! I'm gonna copy that someday.

    I remember when I started, Nar Shadaa and the capital planets were the only strongholds under the preferred credit limit. Now there are the Galactic Seasons strongholds too, though it takes a lot more work to get one as a preferred player. So you're going to get a lot of strongholds that are decorated by people who can't afford any deco that sells for more than 1m on the GTN. In fact, Rhodania's stronghold looks a lot like how my Sky Palace looked for the first couple years I played, right down to putting a cool centerpiece deco from a flashpoint on the balcony despite being totally out of place.

    Also, there's an achievement for 100% stronghold completion. So there's still some incentive to couch spam, and I guess some people think the result is funny enough to publicly list.

    1. I didn't mean to sound too critical of Rhodania's stronghold, as I did like it, and to be honest at least some of my own strongholds look a bit like that too. Not due to lack of credits, but just lack of creativity when it comes to decorating. (Hm, my characters will need somewhere to sit. Let's put a bench there. Any bench I happen to own.) Plus the Valkorion room struck me as maybe having a personal story to it. I was just really hoping for something more obviously Jedi-themed, heh.

      Achievements! That's a good call. I was thinking maybe they were just putting down random decos five at a time for Conquest but achievements might be the more straightforward answer.

    2. You didn't sound too critical at all, I just wanted to explain/share the blast of nostalgia I got from the screenshots! Part of what I'm enjoying about this series is that you're breaking down what makes a stronghold interesting for you to visit.

  3. As someone who wants to decorate their strongholds but feels completely overwhelmed by their size (not to mention the actual acquisition of decorations).. I find this series interesting to read.

    1. Have you tried your hand at the Copero stronghold? The rooms in it are much smaller and the seasons reward track awards a whole bunch of decorations that fit right in.

    2. I have not yet since I don't have much of it unlocked. Or at least it feels like it's not much. Thank you for the suggestion. You are right it is a much more manageable size. I will need to go back in and look at it some more now.


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