A Good Year for SWTOR on Steam

Over the past week or so, people have been sharing their "Steam Replays" on social media and blogs. I got one too, but it doesn't really have much to offer in terms of interesting data, as 94% of my time on Steam was spent playing SWTOR. I guess this graphic showing my play time over the course of the year is nice as it largely backs up what I wrote in my year-in-review post.

January was a low point, then lots of interest in the months after the expansion launch until I ran out of steam (pun!) in June. August's patch brought an uptick in activity, but not that much because I wasn't happy with it. Finally things picked up again with Galactic Season 3 in October. Oh, and I guess the session counter shows that I fire up the game on average twice a day, every day.

In terms of SWTOR's performance on Steam in general, I was intrigued when Pallais shared on Twitter that SWTOR had made it into Steam's bronze bracket for best-selling games in 2022, whatever that means exactly. Either way it strikes me as not bad for an eleven-year-old F2P MMO for which Steam is only a secondary channel.

Looking back, the game was in a similar spot in 2021, and I had it in my head that it achieved the same in 2020, the year it launched on Steam, but as it turns out I got my stats mixed up there. It wasn't a top earner back then, however it made the "most played" list of that year by achieving over 30k concurrent players on Steam at launch. Of course it hasn't managed to maintain those lofty numbers, but clearly it continues to chug along quite happily.

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  1. Thank you for the link to my tweet.

    I suspect there is a lot of activity through Steam for cartel coin purchases or even subscriptions. Steam makes it very easy to do those types of purchases.


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