Season 2 Progress & Playing on Different Servers

It's been a few weeks since I last wrote about Galactic Seasons, and since then, I actually stopped keeping notes on the subject entirely, as every week has been pretty similar: The daily objective is a no-brainer and several of the weeklies more or less complete themselves too. As for the remaining objectives, I look at what's there and do some work on them throughout the week, usually leading to easy completion by the weekend.

At the time of writing this, I'm mostly done with the current week as well, and sitting at season level 96 out of 100, so I'll complete the season not long after Tuesday's reset. Exciting times! However, with the way things have been going, that won't mean that the season is over for me this time around.

As I mentioned in my last post about seasons, I've been logging into alts on other servers to collect some seasons points there and it's honestly been an interesting experience.

To set the stage and provide some context, I've been spending pretty much 99.9% of my play time since the game's launch on my main server Darth Malgus and its pre-merge predecessors. The only other server on which I have a character that was ever max level is Star Forge, where my Cathar Commando lives. I originally created her back in 2016 on the Ebon Hawk with the intent of playing with some American friends, which never really got off the ground, but for some reason or another I did keep levelling her, and since then she's become my go-to character every time Swtorista organises some kind of event (since those usually take place on Star Forge, which is her home server), but that's pretty much been it.

I do have two other characters on that server: a Gunslinger in her forties whom I created for reasons I can't really recall, and the new knight with the Shadow combat style whom I created to check out the levelling changes in 7.0.

On Satele Shan I have a bunch of lowbies that were jumbled together during previous server merges but which were mostly created at some point or another when I randomly felt like re-experiencing some of that "new player with no legacy" feeling. I actually talked about them previously in this post. The currently highest level of those is my dark-sided consular in his thirties, who also has the dubious honour of being the only male character I've ever created in this game (if I ever finish levelling him, that subject might make for another post of its own).

On the German and French servers I had zero characters before Galactic Season 2. When I started logging into different servers just to accumulate "login points", I created a trooper who's a clone of my main on Tulak Hord (the German server) and a Twi'lek Jedi knight with the Sage combat style on Leviathan (the French server). I made zero effort to actually play these characters though - whenever I logged into them to claim points, I'd literally just escape out of the very first cut scene that you get at level one, click the claim button for the login reward, and log out again.

At first I was actually really bad at remembering to do even this, and even though the eight season points you get for logging in only require you to do so four days out of seven, I just... forgot to do even that twice during the first month or so. Once I started to make a proper habit out of it, it became a lot easier to remember though.

My guildie who's trying to complete the season on all servers on both of his accounts was encouraging me to be a bit more ambitious and try to actually complete some of the easier gameplay objectives as well - after all, I've been talking about how easy it is to earn 25k Conquest points on this very blog, right? Unfortunately, things are a lot tougher when you don't have a character of a high enough level to access any of the content that involves reputations, and having a meagre 2% stronghold bonus on Star Forge and Satele Shan compared to my 150% on Darth Malgus also makes a big difference to my Conquest point earnings. Not to mention that my level ones on Tulak Hord and Leviathan obviously didn't even have a stronghold at all, or access to Conquest for that matter.

However, after a few weeks there was an interesting development. Basically, after several weeks of just standing there and claiming login rewards over and over, I noticed that my bags were getting dangerously full. On the US servers I could dump stuff into my cargo hold, but I noticed that even just sorting out my inventory kind of served as a way of reacquainting myself with those characters and actually made me want to play them a bit, so that I started to achieve a few objectives now and then too.

My trooper and knight on the German and French servers didn't even have access to a bank though! So there was only one solution: to start levelling them. It does strike me as pretty funny and very typical for me that where other people might be motivated to play to get stuff, for me the game throwing lots of free stuff at me makes me feel like I have to actually spend some time playing just to be able to sort out my inventory. Thanks, game! So we'll see where that goes for the remaining months during which Season 2 is active. Currently my progress on the other servers is:

  • Star Forge: season level 19
  • Satele Shan: season level 10
  • Tulak Hord: season level 4
  • Leviathan: season level 4

I know that I won't even get close to completing the season on any of these servers and that was never my goal anyway, but I'm just curious to see how far I'll get with the limited amount of effort I'm willing to put in. It also gives me an opportunity to see whether the community is different on any of the other mega servers, and if I ever feel like pushing things more in Season 3 or just generally want to spend time on one of the other servers for whatever reason, I'll be in a much better position to do so after having levelled these characters and having done some work towards establishing their legacies.


  1. I will also finish the current season on my home server this week, and it will be a bittersweet moment. I've enjoyed the current season and have had fun with the unusual objectives we get sometimes. It will be especially sad when I max out the Shadow Synciate reputation since it's been a welcome source of easy Conquest points most days of the week.

    Like you I've been popping on to other servers four days a week for the free level from the Login Rewards, but I've also been visiting the characters I have on Satele Shan. It's nice to pick up two or three levels after a short play session

    I've said before that I don't consider Galactic Seasons to be "content" but as "something to do" while we wait for new content, I think it's been good. I made cool outfit for my agent using most of the armor set (that helmet is an acquired taste to be sure!) and I've already lined up who will be using the weapons once the Outfit Designer upgrade goes live.

    1. They really knocked it out of the park with this season. Even the most negative reviews I've seen of 7.0 usually admitted that "the new season is good though".

      And yeah, it's not content, and I would prefer more "actual" new content, but I've got to be honest with myself at this point and admit that these sorts of systems do work for me in practice, even if I scoff at the theory. Just like I thought that the original DvL event was pretty "meh" when announced and then I completed every last tier of it anyway. 😆 I guess I'm simply still having fun re-doing old content in this game; I just need the occasional nudge to help me decide which bits to re-do at any given time.


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