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Considering how many things that were originally meant to be expansion features ended up being cut out of 7.0, I think I'm not the only one who's been keenly waiting for any news about 7.1. Sure, I've been having fun with the new gearing system and all that, but I would like some more new content and gameplay to actually dig my teeth into at max level.

Sadly, we're two months into Legacy of the Sith and still haven't gotten any news about when this might be happening, but! Patch 7.0.2 is supposed to be released "in the coming weeks" and while not what I would call a proper content patch, it does seem to be shaping up to be more than additional bug fixes at least.

It's going to make tweaks to the acquisition of materials for gold augments as mentioned in my previous post, as well as rebalancing and adding some quality of life changes for other endgame currencies. I'm sooo glad there'll be a way to trade in Conquest commendations for tech fragments for example, because the way these are constantly capped with nothing useful to spend them on, all while the game keeps trying to throw more of them at you, has definitely been one of those low-key but still very noticeable annoyances of 7.0.

Another minor-sounding but big impact change is that they'll finally be reverting unranked PvP missions to give progression credit from losses as well as wins; you'll just get more for wins. For those not keeping track, the daily and weekly PvP quests were changed in summer 2020 to only count wins for progress, and I observed back then that this was depressingly backwards, as this was how things used to work at launch and that the devs moved away from that system for a reason. But no, they had to give it another shake, and I'm honestly surprised that it lasted this long.

I'm still pleased to see it being changed back though, as it will make doing the PvP weekly a lot more appealing. My experience these past two months has been that even with the updated version of the quest "only" requiring four wins, that can still require multiple full evenings of PvP (depending on your luck with groups), and with everything being reset on Tuesdays, I find myself unwilling to even start on it whenever I'm not sure that I'll be able to commit enough hours to finishing it too.

The most surprising bit of news however was Jackie announcing on the forums this week that weapons being added to the outfit designer is meant to make it into this patch as well, ahead of 7.1. And I'll admit it, at this point I'm actually looking forward to this feature too. I still don't really get why people have been making quite such a fuss about it (especially if they play a Force user and their lightsaber is barely more than a piece of pixel art during regular gameplay), but us Commandos have pretty big weapons, and I'd kind of forgotten that item modifications actually weren't going to be in for a little while, meaning that we've been having to use whatever weapons actually dropped. I've rarely run into an assault cannon model that I actually disliked, but there are definitely some that I like more than others, such as the three-barrelled Columi style, and I'm quite looking forward to being able to sport that look again when I have the chance (similar to the one displayed in the blog's banner).

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