Swtorista hits 100k subscribers, I get to run DP with her

I posted about the way Swtorista celebrated hitting 20k YouTube subscribers back in 2017, I posted about her hitting 50k last year, so it only seems appropriate to post about her hitting 100k this year - and not just because I got to be a special guest of honour (gasp)!

This time around she decided to celebrate the occasion with a twelve hour long stream this past Saturday, and being her usual community-minded self, lots of people were invited, including me! Unfortunately I had to decline her original proposal to join for a dedicated segment about content creators because it was scheduled to start at 4am my time... and while it technically would have been possible for me to stay up that long on a Saturday, I'm too middle-aged at this point to do without sleep for that long.

She was undeterred by this however (how is that for making someone feel special) and invited me to a different, earlier event instead: a 16-man ops run with her guild and some other guests I knew, such as Intisar and Ajay (I don't know if they also had issues attending the other segment). I was more than happy to join for that, especially as I knew that I was going to miss the by now traditional mass emote event due to it colliding with my regular ops time.

I hadn't played Shintar the Cathar trooper on Star Forge since before Onslaught, and while level 70 was technically high enough to enter DP story mode, I decided to put the little bit of extra effort in to get her to 75 before the event. Plus I also wanted to have the taxi and quick travel points on Oricon unlocked, just to make sure I wasn't going to end up being one of those people who go: "Oh, I haven't done Oricon on this one yet! Can I have a summon?" (You know who you are!) Someone offered a guild flagship transport anyway so it wouldn't have mattered, but I was still satisfied to hit 75 a few hours before the start of the run.

Running the operation with Swtorista and her guild was fun and... interesting. In a way her guildies reminded me a lot of my own, not necessarily in any details of their personalities, but let's just say that there were a lot of "archetypes" present that I certainly recognised, such as:
  • the one who realises that their level 75 alt doesn't even have a ship so they can't be summoned
  • the one with the character named and dressed according to a silly theme
  • the one who likes to do funny voices on voice chat
  • the one who likes to make dirty jokes on voice chat
  • the one who doesn't talk much but tops the dps meters and is always the first one to make a beeline for the right objective/target, providing guidance for the less attentive players
Honestly, that alone would have been worth a chuckle, but the whole run was pretty good fun too.

I had told my own guildies about the event as well, and a few of them even came to watch the stream and say silly things about me in stream chat, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I also recorded the event from my point of view and uploaded a video of it again:

Originally I was going to call it "highlights" but considering that it's still about half the length of the run I think referring to it as a condensed version of the event would probably be more honest. Swtorista also uploaded an unedited version of the whole thing on her own channel (though it starts a bit after mine) if you prefer that. Plus she posted a Twitter thread documenting everything else she did that day if you want to check it out (she did do lots of cool stuff).

Anyway, many thanks to Swtorista for inviting me (some of my guildies think I'm super famous now, haha) and what can I say but to the next 100k subscribers?! Just don't forget to leave yourself some time for just playing the game too, girl!


  1. I was sad to miss the emoji party, I was quite distracted and the time-conversion got me in the end!

  2. Hey, gratz to both Swtorista on the milestone and to you for having fun with her!

  3. Fun times and glad you were able to join! I was worried that the op time would get pushed out due to the prior events running longer than anticipated. I feel like Swtorista's event brought in the most concurrent players onto SWTOR since the launch of the expansion!

    1. The screenshots certainly looked like it was busy!


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