Peace Out, Tatooine

The other day my pacifist Jedi wrapped up another planet (as far as that's possible considering her unique circumstances) by finishing business on Tatooine. Just exploring and doing some side quests on both Nar Shaddaa and Tat was enough to get her from level 35 to 44 - and while I suspect that the last two months of double XP are at least partially to blame for this amount of progress, I'm sure that all the new Conquest objectives had something to do with it as well. At this rate she definitely won't run out of non-repeatable content to keep her busy until the level cap.

Tatooine being a pretty hostile environment, I didn't expect to find too many quests that didn't involve violence. Oddly, this was true in Anchorhead, where pretty much everyone wanted me to kill someone or other, but once I left the "big city" behind, people were more open to giving me tasks whose only strict completion requirements were non-violent.

I'm not going to talk about every single quest I did this time, because the pattern is pretty established by now: The objective is to click on some things next to hostile mobs, so I click and stealth out with Force Cloak the moment I get aggro, then wait for it to come off cooldown before repeating the whole process until quest completion.

I'll note that my favourite mission was the reunion with Fez Burba, mostly because it also had a non-violent bonus I could do. My least favourite was the Jawa that wanted me to save his malfunctioning droids, because the zapper gun I was supposed to use to fix them only worked about one in every five times, meaning that I must have spent a good twenty minutes or so on that quest alone, waiting for Force Cloak to come off cooldown yet again because the stupid doodad kept failing and putting me into combat without actually progressing the mission.

Another quest that was worth noting is the one to save Raith's "Loved Ones" (aka "the one that makes fun of Transformers collectors", or at least that's how I always tend to think of it), because strictly speaking the objective to loot the chest requires no fighting, however there are two mobs next to it and I could only crowd control one. The problem was that looting the chest triggers a cut scene, and with the second mob aggroing as soon as I un-stealthed, I always got an error message about not being eligible for the conversation (due to being in combat), which prevented me from actually completing the quest. I'd basically need someone else to pass through and deal with those two mobs for me, or wait until level 75, when Pacis could technically acquire and use the Tactical that allows you to put two enemies to sleep at once. I left the quest in my log for now.

Speaking of opening chests, I've had a pretty good time emptying lots of security chests under the noses of sand people and pirates. Not that they ever contain anything valuable, but they glow and I like clicking on shiny things. Also, it's important to note that pacifism is perfectly compatible with thieving as long as nobody gets hurt (in my world at least).

My favourite discovery on this planet was another heroic that I could not only do (Breaking the Code) but that was in fact the best heroic I've found for stealthing so far, even better than retrieving Luran Gonthor's deed on Coruscant, because it doesn't even require any crowd control or use of Force Cloak. You can just stealth into the building, unstealth next to the console you're supposed to click (there are no mobs right next to it), click and then re-stealth the normal way or quick travel out. Pretty ace!

I'm curious what Alderaan will have in store. You'd think that a beautiful planet full of snooty nobles should offer more than a few non-violent business opportunities, but first impressions can be deceiving.


  1. You'd think that a beautiful planet full of snooty nobles should offer more than a few non-violent business opportunities, but first impressions can be deceiving.

    Um, no. We're talking nobles here, and it's more like Renaissance Italy than "we have no weapons".

  2. I'm almost sure there's an imp-side Alderaan Heroic that you can do without fighting (lots of stealing though). And there's the BONUS quest for the heroic that asks you to go into the tunnels (I mean... Maybe not, as you have to smash some eggs, Idk how Paci feels about it). Theoretically, you can also do special delivery without fighting, as you just have to make sure that you'll keep the boy alive for 2 minutes. If you're flashy and run around aggroing them and using medpacs you may do it? Also: resilience, battle readiness & deflection, the ones you do have. Who knows. I'd imagine there's some chance as you're overlevelled for the planet....
    I could speak of more similar heroics, BUT, better to wait until it's time for the respective planet, yeah? :)
    Go paci!

    1. Yeah, for some reason I'm much more familiar with the Alderaan heroics than with those on other planets. Not entirely sure how that came about to be honest...

      Also, I mentioned this in a previous post but Pacis is actually not very good with cooldowns as she doesn't wield a weapon and I had to discover that most of them can't be activated without a main hand equipped.

    2. As someone who constantly takes off their mainhand to do scenes as a Trooper, I feel your pain.


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