Galactic Season 2: Notes on Weeks 3-6

As I noted in my post about Galactic Season 2 week two, I didn't really see a point in keeping a detailed diary for the rest of the season, seeing how the daily objective is so trivial to achieve and even a lot of the weeklies just kind of "happen". With that said, I thought it would still be interesting to take some brief notes on each subsequent week of the season - here's what I noted down for weeks three to six:

Week 3

One of the weekly objectives was to kill a certain number of mobs without your companion out, and it included a note that the counter would only advance if you weren't in group content or PvP. Naturally, completion popped up for me and several of my guildies while we were killing trash in Karagga's Palace. It didn't happen for everyone though, so someone suggested that it might have been related to whether you had a companion summoned before joining the group or not. It was a funny bug either way.

I also got quite excited to see GSI missions featured as one of the weekly objectives, as "more GSI" had been one of my wishes for Season 2 after Season 1. However, I then didn't end up doing it anyway as I just kind of happened to complete seven of the other weekly objectives first. It really is so easy to just complete some of these by accident...

I also foiled my own plan to always get the daily objective out of the way easily by popping a reputation token, as I picked up nothing but purple reputation trophies during this week, and as it turns out, five of those are already enough to put you at the weekly reputation cap for the Shadow Syndicate, so that I actually had to "work" for my Conquest points the last two days. Not that it was all that much work, but still...

Week 4

This was the first week I had to commute to the office again for two days a week, and on those days I definitely appreciated the ability to get my daily seasons points with the press of one button, as I didn't really have the energy in the evening to do anything other than eat dinner and then go straight to bed.

This was also my first week where the weekly objectives didn't just mostly complete themselves. Sure, there were still three or so that happened automatically, but the others did actually require me to put in some effort towards the end of the week to run specific content and craft.

Week 5

There was a PvP weekly objective again this week, and while doing it I discovered that my Sage had hit Valor rank 100, which made me very proud as it's still quite a grind and this is only my second character to get there.

Another objective was to cause infighting among the Syndicate by dressing up as one of them and then killing members of the Black Sun or planting rumours at consoles. I'd seen some of the disguise crates and consoles around since 7.0 launch and had been wondering what they were for, so it was nice to finally understand their purpose. Mr Commando and I ran around Coruscant doing this objective together and I meant to take screenshots of it and wanted to use one of them to illustrate this post, but as it turns out I must have hit the wrong key or something because nothing got saved.

Doing this sort of stuff with Mr Commando made me realise that both the revamped structure of Season 2 and the new gearing system make me appreciate that there are at least good reasons to play in small groups again. In general, the game has kind of been moving away from that kind of play style since Shadow of Revan, and it means that Mr Commando and I haven't spent that much time playing together in the more recent expansions outside of operations.

Legacy of the Sith on the other hand still has us running flashpoints more than a month in, and doing both heroics and dailies, and we've seen the same behaviour among guildies. As much as I like to moan about the amount of dailies required to upgrade gear pieces from all sources under the new gearing system, it does give us something we can do together outside of the purely solo story installments, and that's been nice.

Another thing to note is that I've started logging alts on servers other than Darth Malgus purely to claim seasons points there. I noted after completing Season 1 that seasons rewards are legacy-, not account-wide, meaning that you can claim them on multiple servers if you're inclined to play on all of them. A guildie of mine did that during Season 1 and I thought he was nuts. This time around, he's set himself the even loftier goal of doing it all on every server on both of his accounts. I'm not that crazy, and I don't even particularly care about the free Cartel Coins, but his talk did make me curious about how far you could get with just claiming the free points for logging in and perhaps a little bit of play. We'll see how that pans out.

Week 6

This is the current week, but I might as well write about it since I'm once again already sitting on six out of seven weeklies completed and it's only a matter of time until the seventh one ticks over whether I'm trying for it or not.

This was the week of the first post-expansion patch, meant to fix some bugs - and to be fair, it does seem to have done that, but it also added new ones, such as the Galactic Seasons reward track getting messed up and some rewards being unclaimable, or re-claimable, or being claimable and then disappearing when you try. There's supposed to be another patch next week to fix that. Oh, Bioware...

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