Galactic Seasons Optimisation Tips & Tricks

I may be done with Galactic Seasons for the time being, but technically Season 1 still lasts for another two months, so there's plenty of time for people to work on completing it if they aren't done yet and for any advice on how to do so more efficiently to come in handy. Alternatively, you might find these tips useful once Season 2 starts with the release of the new expansion.

1. Seasons are legacy-, not account-wide

If gaining 100 Seasons levels already felt like a bit of a grind once, you probably won't want to do it several more times in parallel... but if you have a lot of free time and love the free Cartel Coins on the subscriber track, it's worth noting that Seasons progress is legacy-, not account-wide, so you can technically complete the Seasons track separately on each of SWTOR's five mega-servers. I'd call you slightly insane, but it would net you 20,000 free Cartel Coins (plus a lot of other goodies, obviously). If that sounds appealing but you're not sure you can take that much of Seasons, you might want to consider going for at least partial completion on secondary servers by simply claiming your free points from login rewards every week, which is a lot less effort.

2. You can influence what objectives you get

This was something I only really figured out after talking to commenters on the blog and chatting with some guildies, but it seems that the Season system can't "see" your legacy and therefore bases your objectives purely on what the first character you log after reset has access to. The objectives to kill mobs on the starter planets in specific seem to be locked to only appear for sufficiently low-level characters, which is why I never encountered them even once, as I never logged a really low-level character first after the reset. If AoEing grey mobs on Coruscant is your jam however, make sure to log that lowbie first thing every day and it'll make things significantly easier for you.

You'll also be able to avoid other, more high-level objectives this way. For example a low-level character will always get GSF and PvP as their weeklies as they're probably not high enough to queue for all the highlighted flashpoints and the operation of the week via the group finder. Hate Iokath dailies? Make sure to start your day on a character that hasn't unlocked them yet during an unknown/wild space week. And so on and so forth.

Just keep in mind that limiting your options also affects re-rolls. So if you're on a lowbie with the GSF and PvP weeklies, re-rolling will just give you the same weekly again since there are no other options available to you this Season! Don't end up wasting them like that.

3. Do your research!

I mentioned an unknown/wild space week earlier... are you perhaps confused by what and when that is? Then do your research! For Season 1, Bioware posted an extremely detailed article on the official website that clearly lays out what to expect in terms of objectives each week, even if it's not a 100% accurate reflection of what you might end up seeing in the game (e.g. the GSI objectives I got a couple of times were not on that list at all). However, it does give you an idea of what sort of objectives are lurking in the wings and what you might risk getting when using the re-roll option.

I'd also recommend checking out the bug report forum at the start of each new week to see if players have reported any objectives as broken or otherwise bugged. I wish this wasn't necessary, but realistically you might save yourself a lot of headaches that way.

4. Don't be hasty!

Related to the above, if you want to avoid frustration it's better to not rush into anything with Seasons but to pause and consider your options. If your weekly objective is an activity you wouldn't usually do and requires some effort, don't try to complete it on day one if you have any choice at all - if it turns out that there was a bug, you'll just be annoyed.

Likewise, avoid making impulse decisions when it comes to re-rolling objectives. You only have one re-roll per day (or per week for the weeklies) so make sure to make it count. Check the official Seasons post for all the potential options that could come up when you hit that re-roll button and consider whether it's really worth the risk first. I personally found that it was best to not use it unless I really, really didn't want to do that particular objective, because taking a gamble on "maybe" getting something better even if my current objective was okay rarely worked out.

5. Be efficient with your time

If there are any objectives that you're maybe not super keen on and you just want to get them done without too much faff, consider all the ways in which you can be efficient with your time. For example if you have the daily objective to do heroics on a certain planet but don't need mob kills, use an alt that has stealth and pick missions that require minimal killing (a quick Google search will lead you to various lists with recommendations) for a quick in-and-out job.

If you've got the weekly to play a certain amount of GSF matches or warzones, don't rush to get them all done in one go - odds are good that one of these will also come up as a daily objective at some point during the week, so you can earn both daily points and make progress towards your weekly at the same time.

Some dailies also go really well together - for example if you get one to do daily missions on a planet and another one to kill mobs on that same planet. Don't re-roll these even if you usually wouldn't be too keen on one of them on its own.

Got any tips of your own? Feel free to leave them in the comments!


  1. My Tips & Tricks for Galactic Season!?

    Pick up your Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives and do them. Try to not go mad while repeating. ez gg

  2. Somebody said on reddit, that SWTOR has no side quests any more.

    Beginning with KotFE and KotET the side quests disappeared. After that, there is only some form of side quest, if the area you are questing in, is additionally designend as a daily area. You can even put SoR with Rishi and Yavin into this category.

    Did SWTOR took away questing from their MMORPG? Is it really that strongly directed into a single player game nowadays?

    1. KotFE and KotET have side quests in the form of the Alliance alerts, which are optional and not required for story progress. But yeah, the "classic" side quest disappeared around that time. Most people seemed to dislike them, to the point that the devs even thought that it would make for a better experience to hide the still existing side quests by default.

      I miss being able to do content with group conversations, but otherwise I wouldn't consider them not adding new side quests as an anti-multiplayer move in specific, as most people soloed them anyway. And Bioware have given people that like to group more content again in recent years by adding new flashpoints and operations (after the KotFE/KotET "content drought" in that area).

    2. I always thought of side quests as a stylistic device of world building. Players could immerse into the world they are exploring. You could transport a certain feeling of what the world is, what the people on this world do. More than with one main story, the only quest, the "hero" quest. Isn't Rishi monotonously, if you just go there to find Revan? Isn't Rishi a better place, because you know at least something about it's population. What are the motives of the townsfolk? What are the different mercenary gangs up to? You can tell more about a world with side quest, as if you just choose to give one or two sentences in a dialogue on how to find Revan on this planet.

      This makes the base game planets so much more alive. I don't have the same connection to Onderon. But maybe it's more because Onderon is small, unlike Tatooine.

    3. Yeah, I agree with all of that. Like with most SWTOR-related topics at this point, I wrote a blog post about it once. ;)

      I just don't see the connection to single vs. multiplayer. Single player RPGs also benefit from world building through side quests.

    4. Yes, this might be true. It is not essential to multiplayers.

      I might have this idea because as i started with SWTOR, you needed to do all side quests as part of your leveling process. To get gear and the needed level for the next planet.

      I always compared my first mmo to Skyrim, where you can do side quests, but it doesn't matter at all for your progress to the next stage of the world, since the world/enemies are build around your level.

      In this regard SWTOR and his side quests reminds me nowadays of a single player game. Optional, not needed, in any kind or form, and at later expansions even not there any more.


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