PSA: Struggling with Chapters?

I've got some videos on my YouTube channel of me killing a number of KotFE and KotET chapter bosses on veteran and master mode. You can find additional info about that and links to everything in this post - one of the few pieces of blog content I've put out over the years that vaguely resembles something like a guide.

I've noticed that over the last month there's been an increase in people watching and commenting on these - now, some of that might simply be more people playing the game again after the launch of the expansion, but it's not just that. A lot of players seem to be struggling even with story mode at the moment - as was highlighted by fellow blogger Roger from the Contains Moderate Peril blog:

He eventually got the fight down, but was not at all happy with the experience. I did try to assist a little on Twitter, but it's not a great format for giving detailed advice on anything. Above all I felt like I must be missing some crucial bit of information, considering that he was playing on story mode, which is often so easy that it borders on boring... heck, my last post on here was about a story fight that is so easy that it can literally complete itself without any player input.

Then again, we've also just had a new expansion and that can sometimes cause strange things to happen with tuning. A boss fight having the wrong damage and health values for its designated difficulty is certainly something we've seen happen before, but without more information it was hard to judge what exactly was going wrong.

The post I linked at the start already contains a bunch of generic advice for beating the harder fights in KotFE and KotET chapters, but I suppose the overall tone of that is aimed at players who are already at a more advanced level since they're intentionally looking to challenge themselves with the higher difficulty levels. I thought I'd use this post to present a few bullet points for more casual story players that might find themselves stuck on a fight.

  • First off, make sure that you've got all your active abilities on your bar by checking the abilities tab (by default bound to P). The class changes that came with Legacy of the Sith may have caused some things to disappear from your bar. You can also change your ability tree on the combat styles tab of your character sheet to see whether there are any abilities there that you can swap around to be more useful in the particular situation that you're stuck in. If you've just been playing through the story and not much else, there may well be a number of buttons that you've never bothered to use before because you simply didn't have to. However, if you're struggling to stay alive, make sure you find all your damage reduction or self heal abilities and then remember to actually use them during the fight - all classes have at least a couple of these. This is particularly pertinent for fights like the one against Vaylin in KotFE chapter twelve, which was the one Roger struggled with.
  • The fight against the Purifier Droids in KotET chapter four seems to be giving people the most trouble at the moment. First off, try using the somewhat counter-intuitive strategy demonstrated in this video here. It's counter-intuitive because according to the story you're supposed to be defending the room you're in, but in practice it's much easier to run out and fight somewhere else. If you're still struggling though, it's worth noting that Bioware has acknowledged this chapter as currently bugged (too many droids, potentially also an issue with the additional NPCs not engaging properly). There's a patch meant to be deployed next Tuesday which is supposed to fix a load of bugs, but I don't currently know whether this issue will be one of the ones addressed.
  • It's worth knowing that while chapters can only be progressed solo, other people can join you to help out with a fight. To do this, invite them to a group, right-click on your portrait and there'll be an option somewhere to invite them to your instance, which should give them a teleportation prompt. This might not work in all situations (I found this out the hard way when I wanted to help a guildie kill the rancor in KotET chapter six but it kept putting me in there in Zakuulan knight disguise and therefore unable to fight), but it's a workaround for some.
  • Finally, if you're just replaying the story and actually already know what happens because you previously did it on another character, keep in mind that if your level is high enough, the console on your ship should let you skip ahead to the start of KotET (if you're stuck in KotFE) or Iokath (if you're stuck in KotET). Potentially you can skip even further ahead to Ossus, but I'm assuming that you do actually want to play through as much story as possible. You might not like this option since it will resolve important story choices for you automatically based on a template, but I'm just mentioning it as another possibility if you're stuck and really want to move on.


  1. Yeah, I've got to say I empathise. I didn't get stuck on Vaylin, but she did give me a run for my money with my Merc main on Story difficulty. Died a few times and the victory was satisfying!

    The Purifier droids (I've seen comments on this is General recently, but didn't realise people were referring to the section on Iokath). I just assumed this was poorly designed or bugged, as I was going from 100% health to dead within one or two GCDs, regardless of what DCDs I was popping or what heals were going out. It also feels like level adjustment is not working as intended, as my stat balance is always off in these encounters (not the numbers, but the percentages, which shouldn't be changing, as far as I am concerned). It also feels like sometimes a healing companion just stops healing and either does DPS or just chills in the background.

    I only managed to beat them by running out of the room and LOSing.

    I am finally playing the chapters for the first time and having a great time! Once you get past the early chapter slog, most of them are really good (with the occasional exception, like the Gemini chapter and that bloody awful Visions in the dark nonsense which gives me traumatic flashbacks to the Jedi Consular origin story).

    1. Ooh, I didn't realise you hadn't played past that point in the story before! Nice to hear that you're having a good time. :)

      To be honest, while I look back on KotFE/KotET with a certain disdain nowadays, I did find it reasonably enjoyable the first time around (even if the overall story direction became tedious to me after a few months).

      I just think they're the worst content in the game to replay on an alt because there are so many cut scenes where you either do nothing at all or have very little influence on what happens (meaning they are the exact same on every single character), plus a lot of incredibly grindy, mandatory combat encounters (fighting through tunnels full of skytroopers that see through stealth etc.).

    2. Yeah. I fully agree with your assessment on replayability. And the stealth thing. Especially since the first character I ran through those early chapters on launch was my Agent (before I added the Vanguard style to her as secondary in 7.0 and bypassed the new normal as far as stealth is concerned - by the way, a good friend decided to gift me two months of sub time, so I can now enjoy all the wonders of the new patch!).

      As the chapters are *also* a poor source of XP, I will happily ignore them on some alts, as I mostly just want to see the different class specific outcomes and some choice outcomes. For example, it brought me a huge amount of joy when my far more pragmatic Agent sided with her old friend Kaliyo in a certain choice and Koth (who she was mightily sick of by that point) just buggered off. A more heartfelt "good riddance" was never spoken by anyone before or since! Plus the Sith Warrior reunion with his wife Vette is one which will warm my heart in equal measure to the moment of my Hunter reuniting with his brother Torian. He misses his wife Mako terribly, but reuniting with Torian was like reattaching a severed arm!

      That really highlights one of the things I hadn't realised I loved so much about this game. Many stories focus on either plot or characters. SWTOR manages to do both (although sadly in different places). The Hunter story, for me, was all about the characters, wrapped up in a servicable, but not amazing, plot. As opposed to the Agent story, which was amazing, but filled with only average characters. I mean, Kaliyo is extremely divisive and... wait, who were the other Agent companions? I can barely remember them...

      Another highlight, chapter-wise, was Profit and Plunder. Reuniting with Gault was great. And the simple, wholesome joy of watching him interact with Vette (a partnership made in heaven) and his complex but heartwarming relationship with his wife/life partner was so satisfying. And Spewie! My poor heart melts at the awesomeness of Vette and Spewie!

      Uhm. I think I got off topic and rambled a bit.... I should go.

    3. I don't mind you rambling in my comments! ^^ Though if you want to talk more about KotFE, I wrote separate posts about each chapter back when it came out, like this one about Profit and Plunder, so if you've got anything you want to get off your chest about specific chapters, you could do so there! Generally I agree that the class-specific conversations are some of the best parts of KotFE - too bad they make up such a small percentage of the overall story.

      I think in general SWTOR is good at having memorable characters, world building and presenting its quests in an interesting way, while plot can be kind of hit and miss. I have an old post about that as well!

  2. Oh, you know, KOTET 4 was already broken in PTS, I had SO MUCH trouble with it (and I WAS using the same toon I had just cleared Izzax HM with, among every other HM in game, so, not a gearing issue), such an ABSURD amoutn of trouble with it - while being pressed for time to finish PTS CHEEVOS that I got a toon that was yet to start their original story ("Talk to Skavak", their mission log said), pushed straight into KOTET, space-bar-ed until I was in chapter 4, finished it and kept progressing in live server until I was on chapter IX (to make sure it wasn't gonna screw me up on Chapter VIII either!) so, you know, it was a moment. u.u

    I wrote about it on forums extensively, and still it came to live still bugged (a bug tht is clearly recurring, this has happened before around 5.8 iirc). Joys of swtor.


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