100 Levels of Empire Life

Since I posted about it when my guild hit both level 100 and 200, I guess it only makes sense that I give our Imperial alt guild a shout-out for hitting the level 100 milestone too (especially considering its history and that I'm the EmpressGM).

Unfortunately I didn't catch the big ding itself this time as my minions got a bit overzealous on the afternoon of the big day (I had done some maths and didn't expect the guild to actually tick over until the evening), but oh well. We did use the occasion to finally give our Imperial guild ship a proper name, something I commemorated with a /bottlesmash emote near the prow on the bridge.

As is quickly becoming a tradition, let's look back at the various guild level-up screenshots I managed to take over the Imperial alt guild's history. As it took this small guild almost nineteen months to hit this milestone, the screenshots cover a longer period of time than the ones I previously posted for our main guild.

Guild level 6 achieved after I successfully tanked Explosive Conflict on my tanking Powertech for the first time. You can see that she was only level 58 and being bolstered up to 70 - oh, the days when you were able to enter story mode operations as early as level 50 (I miss them).

Guild Level 10 achieved while doing Eternity Vault on the same Powertech - who was up to level 69 at this point.

Level 12 while doing Yavin IV dailies on my other Powertech...

Level 15 while checking out the (then new) Dantooine Pirate Incursion event on Imperial side with Mr Commando.

We ticked over to level 22 while I was doing Makeb on my Sniper - though it was a mysterious "Masked Marauder" (heh) actually earning all the Conquest achievements in chat.

Level 26 while doing Oricon on the same Sniper.

On Oricon again at level 37... this time on my dps Sorc though.

This one of us hitting guild level 49 is kind of amusing since the galaxy map view means you can't actually tell for sure which character I'm on... but since you can see the agent ship in the bottom left corner and my current location shows as Onderon, it would have been my Operative. Also, the inclusion of Onderon means that this was the first level-up I captured after the release of Onslaught.

At guild level 52, I'm on my Juggernaut tank and we're just starting to form a flashpoint group.

Guild level 55 achieved from completing Traitor Among the Chiss on master mode, with me healing on my Merc.

Back on the tanking Powertech as the guild hits level 67 at the end of a master mode Athiss run. (You can tell I do a lot of tanking on Imp side.)

Guild level 69 achieved as my boosted Assassin explores Dantooine (another tank!) - which was only three months ago, so we gained 30+ levels in the last three months alone.

Guild level 71 achieved after I ran my first master mode pug in a while on my dps Powertech (Directive 7) - and of course it had a guy called "Uranusishuge" in it, because pugs.

At the end of another master mode flashpoint run with guildies (Boarding Party), which I healed on my Merc, we dinged 73.

Level 75 while cruising around the Imperial fleet on my dps Powertech.

Level 82 while I was on Iokath on my healing Sorc (who is also the actual GM toon).

Levelling up to 90 in a cut scene from Xalek's alliance alert! I genuinely can't tell which character this was on, though I seem to remember that my Operative was the one on whom I did this quest most recently.

Level 94 achieved during an actual, honest-to-god 16-man operation on Imp side. I'd already forgotten this happened!

And the last one I've got, of my dark side Juggernaut leaving the Imperial cantina on Mos Ila while pursuing her class story on Tatooine.

Wonder how long it'll take us to 200 now! I'd wager on us getting there at some point between April 2021 and Februrary 2022... or is that too vague?

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