War on Balmorra and Living the Nightlife

After completing her tour of Alderaan, it was time for Pacis the pacifist Jedi to move on to Balmorra. Funnily enough, that planet was the complete opposite of Alderaan in terms of expectations vs. reality: On peaceful Alderaan everyone kept asking me to kill people, and on war-torn Balmorra... there was a lot of talk about killing people, but the actual quest objectives were often surprisingly non-violent. I found it strangely funny when I accepted my first couple of missions that were seemingly all about helping to fight Imps, and then the actual objectives were just to destroy some cannons/collect some supplies. On hand-in the quest givers talked about how well I'd supposedly beaten up lots of Imperial soldiers, while I was just quietly amused in the knowledge that I had done no such thing.

There were three easy heroics too, one to recover crashed probe droids, another to sabotage some Imperial bombers, and somewhat to my surprise I was reminded that while my old friend Larindaz really likes the taste of Colicoid steak, collecting said steaks is actually only a bonus and the main mission just requires you to click on some consoles, which can be done without fighting anything.

In the comment section of previous posts in this series commenters have urged me to check out some recurring events with Pacis. My initial gut feeling had been to stay away from them (Pirates? Argh! Bounty hunting? No thanks!) but on reflection I realised that they were right and that there were some events that would undoubtedly offer employment opportunities for a pacifist. The currently running nightlife event was an obvious candidate, being all about slot machines - whatever else you may think of them, they're not violent.

I knew there were two introductory quests that granted free chips, but was pleased to find that Bioware added a few more dailies this year. The one to advertise for certain companies is delightfully ridiculous - handing out fliers makes sense, but promoting heavy metals by dancing and security services by singing? Yeah, right...

The one where you sort of play bouncer and ask difficult guests to leave was kind of hilarious, because being a pacifist I was patently the worst bouncer ever: if anyone refused to leave and got hostile I always ran away! Fortunately there are enough customers who are willing to leave peacefully to not make it too hard to actually complete the quest without fighting.

I haven't completed the one with the counterfeit chips because the conversation choice I made resulted in combat, forcing me to back out, and I haven't re-tried to see if you can complete it without fighting if you accept to be bribed or whatever. Also, I think I read somewhere that it's currently bugged? Something to check back on later I guess. Either way it's a good event to easily get the "Mission complete: Nar Shaddaa" Conquest objective every day and it's on for another month.


  1. The mission for Counterfeit Tokens was only ever bugged on Impside. The bug meant that the Imperial versions of the NPCs on Nar Shaddaa would take an age to respawn if killed. The Republic equivalent was absolutely fine and, especially since you also saw them in the first place, you wouldn't have experienced the bugged state anyway.

  2. Well, you should be able to be bribed and NOT get into a fight. Paci would probably be able to do swooping to her heart's content without ever crossing her pacifist ethos! Between dailies, runs and conversations, to say nothing of the extra story that you've surely unlock by now, she'd probably be fine for a while. :)

    1. OMG, I hadn't even thought of going swooping with her yet. You're right, that's absolutely another great opportunity.

    2. I thought about that... And then I was like "but without a ship, how do you get to Dantooine"?

      Best possible way I came up with was having someone share a Pirate Incursion Heroic with you so you can use it to travel to Dantooine and do the initial quest - as the other ones have their own heroic transport...

    3. Ah yes, there's the rub - there's no event travel option for this one in the activities window, and there are no other quick travel options for Dantooine. As I've gotten by without other people's help so far I'd like to keep it that way for now. Guess I'll have to return to Dantooine during the pirate incursion one of those days and then just wait a while there.

    4. You should still be able travel to Dantooine via the Activity Finder panel even when the event isn't on as "Event: Pirate Incursion" is still there.

      Or at least it is for me: I have no idea if this is universal or requires the weekly to have been done once to appear even without the event.

    5. I do have this option on some characters but Pacis doesn't have it.


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