Doing the Balmorran bonus series on Republic side for the first time in a while, I found myself talking to an NPC called Larindaz, a Kubaz who gives the [Heroic 4] mission "Acquired Taste". Kubaz are aliens with big snouts/trunks, with the prime example being the spy that you see in Mos Eisley in A New Hope. In The Old Republic, I can only think of two occasions where they make an appearance, an Imperial quest on Dromund Kaas that asks you to kill some, and this mission on Republic Balmorra.

The thing that fascinates me every time is that even though this guy is the only Kubaz you ever talk to, his snout has been lovingly animated to twitch and wiggle throughout the entire conversation, which I find absolutely mesmerising. Every time. (It doesn't help that the way it is rendered in this particular instance, it also reminds me a bit of a certain part of the human anatomy.)

I thought about simply posting a screenshot, but that wouldn't do the lovely wriggling any justice, so I made a short little video. See for yourself!

And yes, I'm easily amused.

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  1. A certain part of human anatomy?


    I had no idea people's noses wiggle like that!!! ;-)


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