Guild Ding 200!

I made a post about it when my guild hit guild level 100 back in July, so I thought I might as well make another one to commemorate us reaching level 200.

I hadn't really kept an eye out for this particular milestone the way I had anticipated us hitting level 100; I just logged in on Thursday evening and saw that we were almost there, so I stayed online a bit longer than intended and did some dailies to help push us over the line. In fact, while it was not as quiet as it had been on the night we hit level 100, I did get to tick us over personally again as it happened just as I completed one of the Onderon dailies.

Everything I said about guild levelling last time still applies: The system is still somewhat confusing and buggy, and additional levels have no real benefit at this point - but it's still fun to watch the numbers go up. I thought it was interesting that our second hundred levels actually took us slightly less time than the first hundred, presumably because all the interest in the new expansion gave our guild activity levels a healthy boost.

Like last time, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the various guild ding shots that I managed to take along the way.

First off, here's us hitting level 101 from killing adds during the Warlord Kephess fight in the Explosive Conflict operation.

Here we are hitting level 103 while working on the Dread Council fight on master mode. I think I mentioned before that after Bioware started to award Conquest points for kills, we found that progression on this fight was a bizarre, unending faucet of points as every tentacle appearing and disappearing again during the ghost phase awarded 650 points per person, and we saw a lot of those over the course of a night of wiping.

... which is why you can see the same thing in this ding shot for level 106 on a different night. That fight alone is probably responsible for several of our guild levels.

Here we hit level 107 during the Dread Master Tyrans fight. He isn't quite as good for points, but there are still some adds that award them on death.

Level 111 while doing Dantooine heroics with Mr Commando.

Level 112 while killing trash on the way to Gate Commander Draxus.

Level 117 while working on Dread Master Brontes in Dread Fortress. This one's also good for points from tentacles (which makes sense since she's the same character as in Dread Palace).

Level 121 while fighting Gate Commander Draxus, another fight with a lot of adds.

Here we were actually running back to Brontes after a wipe so it wasn't our contribution that ticked us over to level 126, but the tentacle spam probably helped again.

Aaand level 138 was another one we achieved while wiping on Brontes.

There's a bit of a gap here as I played very little in the month leading up to Onslaught and therefore wasn't around to witness our guild's level-up dings, but here we are hitting level 152 after Onslaught's launch, doing master mode Nathema Conspiracy as part of running random flashpoints to gear up.

Level 153 on our way to the first boss in Nature of Progress on story mode. Note that killing the trash here doesn't actually help with Conquest, as very little of it awards any Conquest or Renown points.

Level 155 while taking my Guardian through the Onslaught story.

Level 157 while I was personally just sorting out gear in my stronghold.

Level 164 while doing a round of Dantooine on my Sage.

Level 169 from completing master mode Battle of Rishi with some guildies.

Level 177 while playing Huttball (and losing, as usual).

Level 186 while I was doing some profession stuff on my dps Shadow.

Level 193 while wiping to the bonus boss in master mode Cademimu with guildies (/hangs head in shame).

Finally, level 197 just after I had just logged in on my Sage. I noticed that there's a weird bug recently that keeps showing me the latest guild level as a pop-up after logging in, even if the actual ding happened ages ago. I'm pretty sure this one was legit though, mostly because the commendation cap message appeared at the same time.


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