Peaceful Exploration on Taris

Has it really been four months since my last post about my pacifist Jedi? I guess I was too busy with the expansion to worry too much about that particular project. So she's been spending all her time lurking next to a bench on Coruscant to retrieve Luran Gonthor's deed every so often whenever I felt like it.

The other week however, I decided that it was finally time to get back to "regular" questing (as far as that term applies to a character who refuses to do any missions that require killing or even attacking anything or anyone) by getting started on the storyline on Taris.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the first area, as I could literally do all the things (bar the heroic, as I already established last time that none of them are pacifist-friendly): I threw stuff into a bunch of pipes, met up with some settlers, and retrieved a load of junk from an abandoned settlement - all without a fight, even if everyone in the dialogue of one of the quests kept talking about me destroying some droids, which I totally hadn't done.

Mostly this good luck continued in the second area, as I retrieved a rakghoul vaccine, some medical data, and exposed a thief. I did have to decline the follow-up mission to the latter as it would have also required me to kill some rakghouls. And yes, I know nobody likes them, but if I'm refusing to attack droids and animals, then rakghouls are out too. Mind you, I did accept one quest that required me to get beaten up by rakghouls, but there was nothing in Pacis' personal code of honour to prohibit that. She just ran away once her health got low.

There was this one quest that I took somewhat hesitantly, to look for a missing team, since I thought I recalled it requiring some fighting, but I wasn't 100% sure. It turned out that I was correct, and after I'd found the NPCs and they nearly fell over themselves with joy upon seeing me, the next step would have required me to fight some scavengers, which I of course wasn't going to do, so I noped right out of there and abandoned the whole thing. I did feel pretty bad leaving the lost team behind after how excited they'd got by the idea of being rescued by me, mind you.

Finally I did some sneaking around among rakghouls in an abandoned factory and some tunnels - in both places Mind Maze came in handy as it allowed me to manipulate items next to packs of rakghouls without drawing their attention.

By the end of my tour I'd made it from level 33 to 35, which I thought was pretty good for pure quest XP with some exploration sprinkled in. The bonus series wasn't available to me yet by the way - I guess they never did fix the bug that locked most of these to level 60 for some reason. I guess I'll be moving on to Nar Shaddaa next.

After all the time that I've already spent levelling by doing repetitive content like the Dantooine peace time dailies and that one heroic on Coruscant, I kind of like the idea of seeing how far I can get at this point before I run out of one-time content to do again. I can visit at least four more planets at my current level, and I'm sure that the XP gained on those will in turn unlock even more. That should be interesting.


  1. Random suggestion that just now popped into my head: have you tried to see if you can get non-class missions if visitng ord mantell? Then agian, you don't have a ship, so I don't know how you would get there... BUT, assuming not having a ship doesn't prevent you from boarding other player's ships, maybe you could hitch a ride over there and see if there's anything you can do! :)

    1. Oh, you can easily travel to Ord Mantell without a ship via the public shuttle from the fleet. It did occur to me to do that early on (before I had stealth) but I recalled the mob density being quite high, plus with the setting being a literal war zone, I wasn't optimistic about there being a lot of missions that I'd be able to complete without combat. I might go back and double-check at a later point.


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