Day 7: Team #IntPiPoMo

Want to know what the hashtag is all about? Read all about International Picture Posting Month here. Want to see the full list of themes I'm following while posting screenshots throughout the month? You can find it here.

As always with this theme, I have to start with my pet tank. I like how this shot makes it look like my character is gazing up at him adoringly. I already bemoaned last year that his interest in the game had been waning and that he was only really logging in for operations most of the time, yet another year's gone by and here we are still. I'm not letting him get away!

Funnily enough, playing relatively little doesn't stop my pet tank from spending money on the game. I'm always baffled when he suddenly whips out a mount from the newest hypercrate. I absolutely fell in love with the Mighty Kath Hound when I first saw him on one and decided to buy one for myself on the GTN. So we've been riding matching mounts for most of the past year.

I'm so glad they included some of these group cut scenes in Crisis on Umbara, even if they sadly don't have any dialogue. Love all the exaggerated faces our characters make in them!

When my guildies and I aren't running new flashpoints, we're still goofing off in operations several times a week. I realised the other day that last month it's actually been five years since I joined my guild. Would you believe it?

This selection of screenshots kind of makes it look like I only play with my pet tank and my guild nowadays, but that's not true. However, I've been taking fewer screenshots of my random groups since I started recording videos about them (because it feels a bit redundant) and my community collaborations in the past year were all of the non-photogenic kind (being a guest on not one, but two podcasts!). Still, food for thought, hmm...

IntPiPoMo count: 56 - that's the target of 50 hit once again, but I got three more days of themed screenshots to go!


  1. Miora looks a bit out-of-place there as the only one not wearing any form of blue-and-black armour. The guild's unofficial colours, perhaps? :P

    1. I did notice that all the troopers in that group were a sort of unintentionally matching squad!

  2. Mighty Kath Hound...unlocked him in collections today. He's my favourite too. First and only mount i ever unlocked.


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