Day 2: Class Stories #IntPiPoMo

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The class stories I replayed this year were Jedi knight, Sith warrior and Imperial agent, so this post might feature some spoilers for events occurring in those three. Yes, I still give spoiler warnings for the basic class stories six years later. They are enjoyable, why risk ruining a good thing for somebody for no reason?

I was always curious whether you had to accept the sham wedding to one of Bas-Ton's children on Voss as an agent, but my agents were never nasty enough to find out - until this year! The answer is no, you can just force them to give you what you want at gunpoint. I was still kind enough to not shoot them at the end though. (I think?! Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't remember for certain...)

I've written about how it took me ages to level a second Jedi knight, but to be honest my second Sith warrior was sitting there with an unfinished class story for quite a long time as well. The problem was that she was part of a levelling duo that my pet tank had lost interest in. It was only this year that I finally pushed him towards at least finishing up our class stories. There were so many things I had forgotten! Such as how you get to team up with this Jedi master on Belsavis. Truth be told, he is actually more fun if you're dark side because at least then you get to banter. If you're light side he's just kind of pompous and condescending, never quite believing your good intentions.

Worse, I had forgotten about this too! So many great screenshot opportunities that were wasted back in the day because Print Screen never worked...


Now this I remembered well, but damn was it still a cool moment. Makes me want to roll up another Sith warrior right away just to do get to do it all over again.

I've said before that the Jedi knight story has too many ups and downs for me, oscillating between boring and cliché and twists that evoke genuine emotion. The moment you reach Uphrades always struck me as one of the story's early highs, having your character reach the scene too late and being confronted with just how bad things can get if the baddies get their way.

I'll never forget this random gold guy near the end of Act I. I even mentioned him in my original summary post for the Jedi knight class story. He kicked my arse so badly back in the day, underlevelled as I was and with no companion healer. I felt kind of saddened by how easily he fell over this time.

Finally, I always love scenes where someone flies through the air and I successfully manage to capture it. Just makes for great screenshots.

IntPiPoMo count: 14

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  1. Scourge's characteristic apathy makes that last screenshot all the greater.

    "Sigh. If you Jedi weren't so tediously passive you wouldn't be in this embarrassing position..."


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