Day 1: Bugs #IntPiPoMo

International Picture Posting Month is upon us again! I wasn't sure whether people in my known part of the blogosphere were going to participate in it again this year as I still hadn't heard as much as a peep about it by the end of October, but apparently Chestnut was just waiting until the last minute to put her explanatory post up.

I quite enjoyed participating last year, so I will take part this year again. I will also once again use my self-imposed "10 Days of SWTOR Screenshots" challenge as an excuse to post the 50 required pictures, considering that I don't usually use that many images in my regular posts. This means that November probably won't feature as many "meaty" entries but more random insights into what goes through my head during everyday play. You can find the list of themes I will use in this old post.

We're starting with... bugs. No matter how long I play, the game never seems to run out of those.

Let's start with a classic: doubled-up companions. I already referenced this one back in 2015, but it never ceases to amuse me. Nothing quite like it to throw off an important in-game cut scene, like this one from the Jedi knight class story, where my Sentinel was suddenly seeing Kira double.

Another popular occurrence is companions that shouldn't belong there haunting your strongholds. Like in this screenshot, where upon exploring my newly purchased Manaan stronghold, I ran into Broonmark already there and staring out into the sea. This was extra dramatic because my trooper had already done his Alliance alert and killed him. It's like one of those moments where it suddenly turns out that someone's not dead after all and they've come back to get their revenge.

It seems strangely apt that the world would be broken in the domain of the so-called Worldbreaker Monolith. At least when you stand in a certain place, there is a clearly visible crack/line in the ground where two bits of floor weren't quite properly connected. Or at least this was the case when I took this screenshot - maybe they've fixed it by now; I haven't been to that part of Ziost in a while.

Invisible floors are another popular type of bug/glitch, but there's something particularly unsettling about having to cross the chasm in Voidstar without being able to see the bridge. Actually, now that I'm looking back through some old posts, I had the exact same thing happen on my Assassin before! I'd forgotten all about that.

Somewhat related, but I believe that my Guardian wasn't actually standing on invisible ground here but in actual thin air, as in: I had tried to leap to someone and ended up somewhere I definitely shouldn't have been able to land. Unfortunately vertical movement in warzones is subject to really bad descync issues sometimes, where your game shows you one thing while the server has already decided that the character is actually somewhere else, leading to lots of annoying "teleportation".

This is the same Guardian during KotET chapter eight, appearing to wear a set of gear that looks noting like what she was actually wearing! (I believe it's the equivalent Imperial version of the same gear set.) This is a really jarring bug in some KotET cut scenes, especially if the "alternate outfit" you are given doesn't match your character at all, such as is the case here, with my Twi'lek Jedi losing her lekku and turning into what looks like an Imperial fighter pilot. I reported it ages ago but last time I checked it hadn't been fixed yet.

The Shadow ability Kinetic Ward, more commonly known as "rocks" has the strange habit of sometimes visually dropping off the character that is "wearing" it and just floating around in space for a while. "You lost your rocks over here" is something we've had to say to our Shadow tanks more than once.

Now this one needs a bit of explanation because it's non-obvious. SWTOR is a bit old-school in terms of not having shared mob tagging, so if a mob has already been tagged by someone else, a little padlock appears over their portrait and the tooltip explains that you won't get anything for killing it. Except... sometimes this padlock randomly appears over the head of party members, or like in this case: myself! Nice to know that I won't get any loot for killing myself, Bioware...

IntPiPoMo count: 7

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  1. Best of luck!

    I'm trying NaNoWriMo. Well, kinda. Sorta. Soon. Yeah, really soon.


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