Day 3: Companions & Pets #IntPiPoMo

Want to know what the hashtag is all about? Read all about International Picture Posting Month here. Want to see the full list of themes I'm following while posting screenshots throughout the month? You can find it here.

I apologise if this feels a bit spammy, but I need to make one of these every three days if I want to make it through the challenge before the end of the month! At least I should have the server merges to talk about for my next post.

For now, the picture posting challenge continues with companions and pets.

I just love this shot of my Cathar Sith warrior and light-side Jaesa. They've got each other's backs. I think I like my companions best when the game has them fighting by my side canonically (as opposed to randomly while doing dailies). It's a bonding experience.

In a similar vein, I think this part of KotET chapter nine is one of Theron and Lana's stronger moments (if they are the ones who accompanied you to the Spire). Generally speaking I'm unfortunately a bit tired of them.

I've been thinking about why that is and I think it's not just overexposure, but probably more a feeling that they mostly exist to serve as love interests and to force the plot along. The original companions all had their own stories aside from just following you around, and actually most of the supporting cast from KotFE and KotET have their own agendas too. But Theron and Lana never seem to do anything that isn't about pushing the Outlander into moving the plot along. They have mysterious and convenient connections, but they don't appear to have any friends or interests aside from the Alliance. I kind of want to tell them to go out and get a life.

Shroud of Memory is an enjoyable little story featuring two fun companions, but like with all the chapters, I kind of struggle to make myself replay it. I think I've only done it three times so far? I just don't enjoy being in a solo instance all the time...

On the pet front, fiery grophets are still a thing with me! I'm pretty sure that companion pets are not supposed to show up in cut scenes, so I was very amused when my Marauder's grophet decided to unceremoniously join her for her conversation with the Scions on Iokath.

Also, here we have Pugette receiving emotional support from her own grophet, Charles. All of my alts have grophets now actually and I cannot house any more. I've declared one of my low-level alts the dedicated grophet herder and she keeps any spares in her cargo bay for now. One day their time will come... maybe when Bioware holds another DvL event, asking us to roll up another eight alts.

One thing I really liked about the Done and Dusted uprising is the part where you can summon random desert animals as temporary companions. We spent a really long time in there early on, just constantly summoning and re-summoning more of them, just so that everyone could get the achievement for finding them all. They aren't exactly very useful in a fight, but it's just funny to watch all these random critters engage in combat.

Yes, I already featured the "random companions haunting strongholds" bug in my day 1 post, and several times before that, but I just never grow tired of the strange scenes it creates. Once again, none of the pictured companions were actually mine. My Sorcerer just kind of seems to stand there thinking "WTF..."

IntPiPoMo count: 21

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