Questing On My Own

The scene: Imperial side Balmorra, featuring me on my long-neglected Sith sorcerer.

Man, it's been way too long since I did any levelling on my own. Somehow I always get caught up in playing with others. Enough! I mean, this is questing, that's pretty much best enjoyed on your own anyway, right? I can listen to all the conversations at my own pace and go AFK at random whenever and wherever I want. Bliss!

... not to mention that I don't have to do every quest on the damn planet. Unlike some people I know, I don't have that kind of OCD, oh no. You hear that, Mr Quest Giver over there? You can find someone else to do your chores! I'll be over at the next base for the bonus series only. Ha-ha!

Wow, these quests sure are all over the place. I wonder what would be the best order to do them in. If I was doing this with a certain someone who's probably already done this four times, he'd know the most efficient route for sure and we'd be done in about half an hour. With my luck on the other end, I'll probably end up touring the same area three times... but eh, efficiency is overrated anyway.

[After running past and having to kill the same pack of mobs about five times:] Somehow, inefficiency is less fun than I remember.

Oh well, at least I finally get to catch up with all those podcasts that I've been neglecting, now that I've got nobody distracting me while I run around killing things. Good stuff!

Tumtetum... why does it feel like everything takes bloody forever to die though? I'm really terrible at dps. Or is it my gear? Hm, I haven't updated these mods in quite a while. If only I had a handy companion who'd craft me level appropriate gear well in advance and without prompting... bossing Khem around to get things done is way too much work in comparison.

What the? Where is the vendor for the datacron thingamabob that hangs out here on Republic side? And what's up with this other locked box? Hrmph, I bet someone would know... I can't be bothered to look it up now though.

Hey, at least I still know how to solo heroics!

Argh, why is this champion immune to slows? [/splat]

Fine, whatever. He wasn't needed for that quest anyway. Now what's that over here... where are these Colicoid feeding mounds? I've already pointlessly circled the area at least three times I think.

[Finally, I give up and consult Torhead.] Really? Really? What did I do all that running around for then? If I have to fight one more Colicoid after this... Aaah! Bugs on my face! Get them off!

[After what feels like an eternity, I manage to fight off the dozen or so Colicoids that try to chew my face off, but I survive only barely.] I can't believe I almost died to a bunch of weak mobs just now. Weak! What has happened to me?

Why did I have to get used to everything being so much more convenient with help? It's maddening!

The next day:

/w guildie: So... how about we do some more levelling together some time?


  1. /snicker

    Bugtown sure is different when you play on the Imperial side. That's all I'll say, because I was being driven nuts trying to find everything too.

    1. Bugtown makes me question the existence of a divine creator, for surely He would not allow something so awful to be created in His universe.


    2. Thanks, Targeter, that would make a good alternate caption for the screenshot in this post (even if she's not standing in Bugtown at the time). :P


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