Levelling Again

So I mentioned being on Dromund Kaas in my last post. This is because whenever I'm currently not on Ilum or in an operation, my pet tank and I decided to level another pair of alts together, on Imperial side this time. After much back and forth about which planet we should start on, what classes to play and which crew skills to pick, we settled on a pair of Sith inquisitors, with the advanced class to be decided later. Things went about as well as you'd expect:

Me: "For fuck's sake man, slow down! I just dinged level two and I haven't even had a chance to touch a mob yet!"
Pet tank: "What are you complaining about?"

We hadn't been roaming through the tombs of Korriban for long when my significant other peeked over my shoulder from a distance and asked what the new character was about. I explained.

SO: "I see. So you're going to be the healer again."
Me: "Well, we haven't decided on that yet."
SO: "Suuure. You're going to be the healer."
Me: [to PT over TeamSpeak] "Geeze, the things I have to put up with here. My SO just looked over my shoulder and immediately told me that I'll be playing another healer." [Note that since I'm wearing headphones and using push-to-talk, SO and PT can't hear what the other one is saying, only me.]
SO: "That's because you will."
PT: "Weeell, you probably will."
Me: [still to PT] "I'm not a one-trick pony! I've got non-healer characters too!"
PT: "True. But you also have your main, the Commando healer; the Sage healer, your Operative healer..."
Me: "Don't forget the Scoundrel healer and my Sorcerer who's technically specced into dps but still ends up healing people."
PT: "Yes. So... clearly you like healing."
SO: "You'll end up with another healer. We know you."
Me: "..."

Of course, later on the fleet:

PT: "Time to pick our advanced class! So which way do you want us to go?"
Me: "Sigh... I'll be the healer then."
PT: "Are you sure about that?"
Me: "Yes! I want to be the healer!"
PT: "Fine, but you said it, not me!"

On the fleet I was also a bit startled when pet tank showed up to the Black Talon in a set of fully modded Phantom gear. I'm usually very lazy in my gearing while levelling up and tend to just wear whatever greens and blues come my way via quest rewards... but compared to my levelling buddy this made me feel like I was wearing rags. It was time to visit the GTN.

Interestingly, putting together a set of orange gear that I liked was a lot easier and cheaper than I had expected. Browsing all the different looks available on the GTN, I quickly found a chest, legs, gloves and a head piece that I liked well enough, and handily enough they were all cheap low-level items that my Sage could already craft anyway. Belt, boots and bracers initially looked like they were going to be a bit trickier, but here the Cartel Market actually turned out to be a blessing even for those of us who don't use it much, as the market was pretty much flooded with cheap adaptive armour for those slots, and all of it quite decent-looking. I reckon it's because people buy the armour sets mostly for the chest pieces and then aren't necessarily all that fussed about all the "spare" items they get for the other slots.

Me: "Man... this skirt makes my butt look really big."
PT: "Yes. Yes, it does."
Me: "... that's not the correct response."
PT: "What, do you want me to lie to you?"
Me: "..."

We're already up to Nar Shadaa again. Time flies when someone makes fun of you.


  1. Yikes. TWO dashade? One of them is bad enough. (And I'm only just arriving on Quesh, so don't spoil anything.)

    1. It's funny because it means we're currently questing with three tanks and a healer. Heroics are no threat but everything takes bloody forever to die. :P

      And inquisitor is one of the two classes whose story I haven't completed yet, so you know more than me!

    2. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll pass me up. I've gone back to the Commando to push her story along, and I'm thinking of getting over to my Sentinel too, and....

  2. I had an Sassassin up to level 47 on Voss where I ran into a brick wall consisting of 2 strong mobs that I had to take down for my class quest. I was able to kill Elites three levels above me with the help of Talos (healer companion) but those two were able to kill me within three seconds.
    I ended up deleting that character in disgust. The two mobs have been nerfed since then.

    I think the story is okayish.

  3. Love this story, perfectly describes how much fun it is to level/play with friends. :)


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