Dromund Kaas General Chat

As a general (!) rule I don't pay much attention to general chat. It's often stupid, but even when it's not it just tends to scroll by too quickly, which makes it easy to miss messages that I actually care about, such as whispers, party or guild chat. For this reason I usually have it hidden away on a tab of its own that I rarely even look at.

Apparently I've really been missing out though, as my attention was drawn to general chat on Dromund Kaas several times late last night. First it was a simple exchange of

"When do I get my AoE heal?"
"At 40, now shut up."

which fascinated me with its strange juxtaposition of giving useful advice while being unnecessarily rude.

But the real weirdness came later... in fact, this may be one of the strangest things I've ever seen in general chat, and that's considering that I have a chat image in my SWTOR screenshot folder that's called "Giant Nazi Robot Spider":

What is this I don't even... we're not in Barrens chat anymore, Dorothy. I actually felt kind of grateful towards the guy who was talking about rubber duckies for trying to bring the conversation down to a more manageable level again.

Also, traces of genuine humour!

My mind was temporarily blown by all this weirdness, but soon afterwards normal business resumed with people shouting random nonsense at each other in all caps again. I felt strangely relieved...

Just goes to show what a wide variety of people plays this game.


  1. Ha, looks like the script for a Big Bang Theory episode! ;-)

    Better than most games I'll admit. I think I was pretty impressed with the general tone of general chat on Progenitor when I started. Once I joined a guild though I filtered it out, as you stated, it's just way too much to keep up with normally.

  2. Oh, my goodness....

    I laughed my ass off at the 'cake is a lie' clip.

    FWIW, someone tried to revive Barrens Chat in Tatooine while they were on the balloon last night, but it dissolved into a big discussion as to who was the better action hero: Chuck Norris or John Wayne. (I voted for Wayne, since he had enough maturity to make fun of himself on the television show Laugh-In.) I still wonder what the person who voted for Dolph Lundgren was smoking...


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