PvP Banter

Sorting through my recent screenshots I was amused by some of the things people say in warzones... or generally related to PvP.

This first one is actually kind of old, from before the server merges. Ever seen someone go into a rage in PvP and tell another player that they shouldn't even bother to play or something similar along those lines? Well, on an increasingly quiet server where you needed every warm body to make a warzone pop, this had interesting consequences:

Can you feel the love?

What passes for humour in the Voidstar:

This is why cross-faction communication being possible is a good thing: you might get an unexpected compliment. Like in this case, where Tectus was a random Imp fighting us in the middle... and Shintar was obviously me, healing my butt off!

Finally, this is how you give a pre-warzone pep talk! (Seen in Novare Coast):


  1. I hope the last was a Sith, as it would be so appropriate.

    1. I think he was a Jedi Shadow actually. Them and certain troopers seem to be the ones with the worst tempers on Republic side.

  2. I soon learned that, as an Ops leader, no-one listens to you anyway. I also found that the only way to get MVP votes as a non-healer was to be vocal - and friendly - during WZs (as long as you also ranked highly on the scoreboard). :D


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