A Day in the Life

I realise that a lot of my posts on here talk about SWTOR in a very general sort of sense. "Here is something that I consider great about the game." Or: "I think this was a strange design choice." I wouldn't be surprised if that left some readers wondering what it is that I actually do in the game on a day to day basis. So I thought I'd write a post about it.

I actually have a sort of routine I work through every time I play - except for when I don't. Obviously it's a game, so I'm not going to let a routine tie me down as if it was some kind of job, but I do like to have well laid-out plans for my leisure activities too, even if I don't end up sticking to them all the time.

Anyway, I tend to go through the following steps after logging in:

1. My first order of the day is to do the PvP daily on my Commando main (currently Valor rank 74), if she still has the weekly to do as well. I rarely bother to run any warzones without having all the associated quests for them because the rewards are so much smaller then. Also, limiting myself that way has the handy side effect of serving as a pacing mechanism so that I don't burn myself out by overdoing it. If any of my PvP-loving guildies are online and feel up for some action, we'll queue up together.

2. If I still have time and Republic didn't completely suck balls during the matches on my Commando, I'll do the same thing on my Sage (currently Valor rank 65).

3. If I still have time after that or the PvP weeklies were already done on both characters, I will log onto a couple of alts to send the minions out on missions. I'm not very organised in that regard and it's pretty random which characters and which missions I'll pick on any given day. Hey, I haven't checked my agent for sliced tech parts in a while! When did I last sell augments on my bounty hunter? My Sage has so much spare cash, I should make her collect some companion gifts for the characters who don't have their affections maxed out yet. Etc.

4. If I think that I'll have time for a longer play session and I'm feeling social, I'll poke either my boyfriend or my friend from Norway about working on one of our levelling duos. The former suggested to me only fairly recently that we form a Marauder/Sniper team to level through Imperial side content together the same way we had done on Republic side with our troopers when the game first came out. It's been different to have a double dps team, though it helps that we have both a tank and a healer companion now that we're on Nar Shadaa. With my Norwegian friend I still run a Gunslinger/Vanguard duo that recently completed Act II of both of their class stories.

5. If I'm not up for this kind of group play for some reason (or my levelling partners aren't), I'll look at what I could do with my other characters to help them progress. Mostly that comes down to levelling my bounty hunter right now. I have a Sith Inquisitor as well, but I haven't really felt like playing her in ages. As far as my other level fifties go (the agent and the knight), I honestly haven't done much with them since they hit the level cap. Repeating the same endgame activities is only fun so many times, and I've already got that side of things covered on my Commando and Sage. Maybe I'll do some work on them if I ever feel like my current endgame characters run out of things to do (for example my Commando is very close to completing her War Hero set, at which point she'll probably take a bit of a break from PvP for a while).


  1. Okay, it's off topic, but what do you think of the server consolidation announcement? Specifically, what do you think of the change that unique Legacy names are no longer required on servers?

    1. It doesn't really affect me much either way as nobody is likely to want to share my legacy name. I think it's a bit of shame because I'll miss that feeling of going "hey, that's my friend so-and-so on an alt I didn't know about" on the fleet, but I guess others will be happy about it.

  2. The change that Legacy surnames are no longer unique was the final straw for me and made me quit the game for good. I'm very disappointed in the general direction the game has taken for some time now and I don't see myself going through anything like that again.

  3. I hope they scrap the Legacy Name thing altogether. I like the Legacy system but I've never liked the Legacy Name and would much rather have the ability to give each character a surname.

    Interesting post though, Shintar. I take it you don't run Flashpoints regularly then - is that because you're not keen on the content or because you don't PUG?

    1. Actually it's neither - I think that they are great but I'm pretty sure that I've done them all half a dozen times by now and I don't really feel a particular urge to "grind" them. No point in working on Black Hole gear that won't serve any purpose as I'm not currently raiding. Every once in a while I'll still pug one for fun, but I'm actually glad not to feel any particular pressure to run them over and over again.


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