Brief PSA: Shintar on Twitter

At long last I caved in to peer pressure (not really) and created a Twitter account. There was no special reason for it other than a flight of whimsy, though it probably helped that I haven't seen anyone talk about how "OMG everyone must be on Twitter or they might as well not exist" in a while, as that was one of the things that I used to find the most off-putting about the Twitter community. I remember my conversion to Firefox as a similar experience: first several months of friends telling me how great it was and me hating them for their constant pestering, but a few months after their zealotry had finally worn off I did install it after all. Does that make me some sort of geek hipster?

Anyway, for those who are interested I can now also be found at @ShintarCommando. Just like this blog, the Twitter account will only really be about Star Wars. I expect to mainly use it to advertise new blog posts, plus for posting the occasional one-liner about the game if I feel inspired (see existing examples).

Can anyone recommend any SWTOR-related Twitter accounts that are worth following and don't post off-topic stuff all the time? (While also keeping in mind that I'm not really looking for anything too spammy with twenty updates a day.)

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  1. Ha-ha, your resistance lasted a little longer than mine! :) you're now the 201st on my list (I was going to cap my followings at 200, but nvm!)!
    welcome to the birds club! =)


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