Legacy Level 50 on Star Forge

The other week I hit an interesting milestone by reaching legacy level 50 on Star Forge. While I have characters on all servers, I've never done a transfer between any of them, so my legacy levels are entirely independent of each other and purely a reflection of how much time I've spent playing on that specific server.

It's not really a surprise that Star Forge was the first secondary server on which I maxed out my legacy, considering that Shintar the Cathar trooper, created in 2016, was one of my first and most-played alts created on a different server than my home.

Still, at the same time it's kind of funny to think that it took me eight years of real time to get there, and to consider just how little in terms of story content I got done in all that time. When I hit legacy level 50 on The Red Eclipse (which would eventually get merged into Darth Malgus), I had only been playing for about ten months and had already completed four out of the eight class stories. On Star Forge I've still only completed one of them! So much legacy experience acquired from random nonsense like running dailies I guess...

Another thing that cracked me up was that I once again failed utterly at actually capturing a screenshot of the big ding, just like I did back in 2012. I'd been well aware that I was sitting at legacy level 49 and was creeping up on 50 but then... I just kinda forgot about it again, and when I realised that the ding had happened without me actually noticing, I checked my achievements just to find that it had actually happened several days ago. Seriously.

Anyway, I know that legacy levels are pretty meaningless, and have been so since forever. I reckon most long-term players have been 50 for so long, they haven't even thought about the concept in years. But to me, it was still an interesting milestone to reach on a second server. I'll probably post again whenever I get there on the other servers, but if I recall correctly, all the others are still only somewhere in the thirties, so it's probably going to be a while.

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  1. Congrats on getting legacy level 50! Enjoy the level 3 Personal Starship transport legacy perk (cooldown reduction). I think that's the only perk that requires level 50.

    I reached legacy level 50 on The Leviathan and Tulak Hord this season, mostly because of the double xp event. Those were my last two servers, so I got to change my global UI to remove the legacy bar, save a tiny bit of screen space.


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