A Very Special Ding (Or Not)

I've been looking forward to being able to make this post for weeks. I thought it would be much better though, with a fancy screenshot and everything... but I managed to mess that up by not hitting print screen at the right time, and more importantly by completely missing the ding altogether. I remember taking a look at my legacy experience bar before logging off last night and thinking "woo, almost there". Yet the next time I looked at it today, I had already hit the level cap without noticing. It must have happened while I was doing PvP on one my alts... which was foolish on my part I guess, but on the other hand I wasn't aware that I was that close.

So, the O'sirisen legacy is level fifty and I don't even have a screenshot. Boo.

Still, not a bad achievement I dare say, though I'm not sure how uncommon it is at this stage in the game. The sad thing of course is that there is no acknowledgement of it in game. No titles, no fireworks, no surprises. The highest level requirement on any of the legacy perks is twenty-five. Pfft! What are the other twenty-five good for then?

At the same time, I think that I'll miss levelling my legacy. It may not have served any particular purpose for some time now, but for some reason I really liked the legacy level as an "alternate advancement" mechanic. It doesn't get more basic than a plain old bar that keeps filling up as you play without doing anything else, but nonetheless there was something very satisfying about continuing to gain experience on my max-level characters. (On the lowbies I didn't really care; getting two experience messages for everything just felt spammy to be honest.) As long as my legacy level kept rising, it felt like my fifties were still growing in some abstract sense and independent of gear. I have a screenshot of Shintar the trooper levelling up from killing a raid boss in Karagga's Palace for example. And why shouldn't she gain something from that experience? It's cool.

I kind of hope that they add another fifty legacy levels soon. They could go on seemingly forever, sort of like valor ranks, just for the hell of it. It would be nice if there was something in game to mark the big level milestones in some way though.


  1. Woot. Gratz! *throws confetti*

    My Legacy recently hit lvl 27. Still a loong - and I hope fun - way to go. And maybe there will be bells and whistles then... (ha, still an optimist ;) )

  2. Many conga rats! :D

    I'm such a leasurely MMO player. I don't even have a level 50 character yet! (Partly a matter of altitus, partly a matter of being in no hurry at all.)

    1. Nothing wrong with that! ^^ As long as you're enjoying yourself...

    2. It is a fun game of awesome! I'm sad that there probably won't be further chapters - that makes me even more reluctant to finish anyone's story.

    3. I'd be surprised if they didn't release at least one more chapter for each class. They probably already invested enough in pre-production that they're bound to complete it eventually, even if it takes some time. Though yes, after that - who knows, it's probably not the most profitable way of retaining subscribers in the long run. :/

    4. I hope you're right about a chapter four, at least. (Though I've heard enough spoilers that I've _no idea_ where they could go with several classes.)

      That aside, extending class stories might be one shiny that would get people to buy expansions. If any free to play games have expansions...


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