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My play time this week has been feeling kind of chaotic, but then so is life in general. Since I don't have a single major subject to post about, I thought I'd just mention miscellaneous bits and pieces.

Random Encounter of the Week

Last night our server went down again, though only for a brief period of time. Once again the hour or so just before the inevitable collapse had a slightly eerie Twilight Zone feel to it, with weird things happening to people's UIs, others getting booted off the server and logging back in to find that their character's progress had been rolled back by ten minutes, and similar hijinks.

While I was waiting for things to get sorted, I decided to play around on the PTS for a bit. I really wanted to try out the new warzone, but unfortunately there weren't enough players online and queued up to make it pop, despite of the valiant efforts of a couple of people who whispered everyone online and asked them to please join the queue. Kind of stupid when the main feature that needs testing is unavailable. I agree with the suggestion I saw on the forums that Bioware should set dedicated warzone testing times to encourage the curious to all log on and play at the same time.

Anyway, as I was questing on Coruscant, someone asked for help with a heroic in general chat, and it struck me as very absurd considering that there were only three of us on the entire planet at the time. I decided to help him out, and next thing I know he asks me is whether I speak German because he struggles with English. Sure, it's only my first language! Seriously, what were the odds for this guy to be that lucky? Too bad he can't channel that sort of luck into winning the lottery instead of getting an all German-speaking random group on an underpopulated international test server for an MMO.


Two months ago I wrote a post about my daily routine in the game. Let it be said that that has completely gone out the window since then. Even though it's already been a month (has it really? cor), I'm clearly still in the honeymoon period with my new guild, and every time I log on I'm just overwhelmed by how many people there are online (except that one time when I briefly came online in the morning and met our lonely guildie who plays from Down Under).

I always have all these plans for solo content that I want to do, but I'm all too willing to discard them at the slightest notion of doing something, anything in a group instead - and since this actually happens a lot, I'm not getting any of my solo stuff done. On the HK-51 quest line in particular, I've still only completed the first step (which I did do in a group, incidentally). I know there's no hurry to get it done, but it still feels a bit weird to not be checking out the newest patch content. On the other hand, I finally got to down Nightmare Pilgrim and completed Explosive Conflict on hardmode (squee). So, you know, can't complain.

Warzone Banter, Again

I know that it's hard to call for help when you're under attack, and I absolutely appreciate that you're doing so at all... but that won't prevent me from laughing if your hurriedly typed call for help ends up looking slightly absurd:

In other news, I never got why people complain about a lack of healers in warzones; whenever I play they seem to be all over the place, and not just because I'm often the one doing the healing myself. On my Guardian for example I had the joy of running into this group in Voidstar:

I really like the term "field hospital" for a healer-heavy group. Incidentally, we won that game, but no thanks to amazing dps or anything. I secretly suspect that part of the Imperial team simply lost their will to live at some point during the first round, what with it being so hard to kill anything. (As most of the time when our team has too many healers, we actually end up losing.)

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  1. Heh. Field Hospital is a great term.

    I've been in Mandalorian Raiders where it seems that the best solution was to switch from DPS to a secondary healer, and that designation makes perfect sense.


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