Tonight I came on to see almost two dozen guildies online, and due to this it was decided that we were going to attempt Terror from Beyond on 16-man. I'd never done a 16-man operation before, not counting one or two world bosses, so I was giddy as anything... and the experience didn't disappoint. I don't know where exactly the magic cut-off line lies, but there is something special about raiding with a "larger" group of players - and while ten always felt a bit lacking to me, sixteen seemed to be just about enough to scratch that particular itch.

All the fluff items added in the patch yesterday also resulted in people being even more playful than usual - Party Jawas everywhere, and I sure hope that those little balls that you can throw at people are made of something light and soft, or else a couple of raid members must have ended the night with some serious concussions. There are a lot more things that I could say about the run, but I don't think any of it would really convey just how much fun I had with it. If anyone had been there to observe me playing, they probably would have asked me why I was stupidly grinning at my monitor all the time, or what was so funny as to make me laugh out loud repeatedly.

I'll just post a couple of screenshots and hope that they speak for themselves.


If you think that the Empire has all the fun... think again. 


Notice the gunslinger to my right who bought an outfit on the Cartel market that makes him look like a Sith warrior. As someone who does a lot of PvP, I found that extremely unsettling.

Tank: "Everyone AoE on my position!"
Everyone does so.
<two seconds later>
Tank lags out and disconnects.

 The day this game finally introduces a proper ready check will be a sad one, because there's nothing quite like seeing the effect of "jump/move if you're ready".

Ciphas: I have a feeling they aren't taking this entirely seriously. 
Heirad: You think?

 And here I thought that this fight was trippy with eight people! 

Action shot on trash!

Dancing in the moonlight... and oh, there was so much dancing. Bloody disco balls.

It's amazing just how long some people can keep running around in circles without killing Kephess or being killed by him (I'm obviously not one of them).

The Terror from Beyond: A party? For me? You shouldn't have! <squeal>


  1. Glad you had fun, I personally don't like 16 mans since the old EV & KP 16 man days where everything was buggy.

    Give me 8 man any day :P

    1. You really missed out (also on things like Wrix explaining the particulars of being impregnated by the Writhing Horror)! :P

      Like I said I never got to try any of the other ops on 16-man. Did they actually have any bugs that were exclusive to the larger group size?

    2. They weren't tuned to 16 man at all, and there where bugs that only appeared in 16 man, probably due to the fact it was only ever 8 man groups in testing or whatever.

      EC SM was the first least buggy Operation, and it seems that TfB is the first :P

  2. Well, is it really as Undying as it claims? ;-)

    1. Clearly he isn't. Thought we did kill him once before, only one operation ago, and he did get up again.


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