Galactic Season 2 Complete on Tulak Hord

On Tulak Hord I had to spend a bit more (virtual) money to achieve season completion, shelling out 31 million credits for levels 82 to 93, but it still could've been much worse.

What made playing on both Tulak Hord and Leviathan particularly interesting to me during this project was the fact that I didn't have any characters on them before, meaning that I literally had to start from scratch - and of course they are both non-English servers.

For those not in the know, German is actually my first language, so Tulak Hord was still relatively safe territory for me. I say "relatively" because I've never played with the game's German client, and the thing with gaming terms is that their translations don't tend to be entirely intuitive, so you have to learn them by rote and can't just come up with your own translations on the fly without looking like a bit of a weirdo. As an example, you'd have to be quite lucky to guess that a Guardian becomes "ein Hüter" in German but a Juggernaut stays a Juggernaut, using the English word.

Fortunately I never really found myself in a situation where detailed discussion of things like classes was necessary, plus German-speakers have a pretty positive attitude towards English in general. I saw some people type English comments into chat in warzones and the like, and they seemed to be accepted and understood. I was also surprised by how many guild names I saw that were in English... because it "sounds cooler" I guess.

Undoubtedly the most fun aspect of playing on Tulak Hord for me was wallowing in nostalgia, as the character I made was created as a perfect clone of my Commando main, so I got to pretend that it was 2011 all over again (even if the game was quite different then and I wasn't levelling on my own at launch). I had fun wearing similar levelling outfits (the trooper levelling armour sets are great, honestly) and doing all the quests... until things went somewhat off the rails on early Taris because I had levelled up enough to engage with things like reputations and dailies and those became my focus instead of actual class story progress because it was more beneficial for increasing my season level.

Still, experience kept coming in - despite of the annoying bug that kicked in at some point and prevented characters from gaining their rested XP bonus while logged off - so that my completely fresh Commando finished Season 2 at level 67. Not bad, if I may say so myself. Whenever Season 3 rolls around, I'll be in a much better starting position now if I want to complete it on multiple servers again.

Oh, and you may or may not remember that I ended up helping to form a guild that soon ended up being abandoned by everyone but the original GM. At some point he stopped logging in too, and I fully expected to eventually inherit leadership, at which point I was planning to just disband the whole thing (no need to have a dead guild with virtually no progression take up a name)... but the GM had apparently just been taking a break and eventually reappeared. In fact, we chatted a bit and I helped him out by inviting all his alts to the guild. So I guess it's just gonna be his personal guild now. Also fine by me.


  1. I honestly have no input here, but I just wanted to say that one of these days we're actually going to be in voice chat together, and I'm totally looking forward to hearing your voice.

    1. That's funny, I'd never thought about that... we've known each other for so long but voice chat hasn't really been a thing. One day!


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