Daily Tour: Ziost

Since 7.0's push to make us do dailies every week in order to keep upgrading our gear, Ziost has become one of my favourite daily areas. The (almost) complete lack of combat is particularly handy because many of my most-played characters are healers. And yes, I know that with the introduction of loadouts I could switch them to dps at the click of a button, but some characters are just not meant to be damage dealers, you know?

The responses to my Oricon daily tour post showed me that it's possible to tackle the same daily area in quite different ways, but with Ziost in particular I kind of wonder how much wiggle room there really is, considering that there's no quick travel point and the mission with the speeder takes you along a predefined path from the bottom left corner of the map to the top right.

The way I do it is, I start by checking the camp just outside the landing zone for remains to scan, since there's usually a bunch there... but as seemingly everyone else does the same, it's not unusual for all of them to be gone already. It's not a big deal either way, as there are plenty more of those particular clickies around the zone, and it's not unusual for me to finish this objective before any others.

Around where you see the tip of the first arrow outside the base on the above map, I tend to stop and use my binoculars, as you can scan three of the five points of interests in one go from there. I believe there's an even more optimised point where you can reach four at once, but I haven't really felt the need to try and find it, as the other two scans can be done more or less "on the way" anyway.

I then make my way to the broken down speeder and peek out on the east side of that area to perform my fourth scan. I've found that just outside that area is also a good place to get two to three of the crashed probe droids. From my experience those are the closest thing to an objective that can cause issues if there are too many people in the area at once, so I prefer to get as many of them out of the way early as I can.

Next I take the speeder for the mission and ride it up to the north-east corner of the map, where I also perform the last of the five scans. On my way back down south I try to pick up any remaining probe droids, but that's the area where things can get competitive sometimes. I then go into the phased area for the mission with all the holograms, and once I'm done I come back out and return to base to do the final hand-in there. (Sadly that one's been a bit buggy since pretty much forever, but if you get stuck with a speech bubble and no progress, just quickly log out and back in again and that usually fixes it.)

It's a pretty tight daily route that I didn't value very much at release as it rewarded nothing of interest to me, but with 7.0 equalising all the daily areas to give the new daily currency, it's probably more relevant now than it was at any previous point in the game.


  1. More love for Ziost is always good!

  2. I think the only deviation is before your first arrow, I'm backtracking a little and going directly south in the east lane after the good binocular point :P


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