Three Months of Onslaught

I realised today that as of yesterday, a full three months have passed since Onslaught's launch. Time flies when you're having fun!

My initial excitement has of course tapered off a bit, but I'm still happily chugging along, as the game feels like it's in a pretty good place right now.

First off, the expansion has really managed to reinvigorate my interest in endgame of all kinds. Working on the new operation has been a blast, and my guild has been able to run two full progression teams to focus on it. The other team actually managed to kill the Apex Vanguard (the last boss) on veteran mode last week, but my own team isn't far off either - just yesterday we had a zero percent wipe (/cries).

While there'll still be things left to do after he falls, I really like the thought of soon being able to say that we cleared the new operation in both difficulties. It's not something I've ever been able to say so shortly after the release of a new raid.

The Conquest rebalancing also revived my interest in that part of the game, and my guild managed to conquer both Mek-Sha and Taris in the last month, which was fun and exciting.

My excitement about gear has tapered off a lot since I earned full 306, simply because the set bonus I want seems ridiculously hard to acquire - it's not available from the regular vendors and I don't think I've seen a single piece drop in the operation it's supposed to be dropping from after three months of running it nearly every week. So I just keep spending tech fragments on sets for alts whenever I get close to the cap and that works alright for me.

Despite of my initial criticisms I did the Onderon dailies for quite a while, even after I'd maxed out the reputation, mostly because running them was something that Mr Commando was happy to do too, so it gave us another in-game activity to do together. Once he lost interest I mostly did as well, though I've been back a couple of times mainly to combine doing them with a round of gathering. The way Bioware has balanced gathering skills this time around, hours of running missions don't yield nearly as much profit as simply picking flowers while doing a round of dailies on Onderon.

The repeatable content on Mek-Sha has been oddly disappointing though. I only found one of the heroics really fun to repeat, as the other one required an odd amount of running around that made the heroic quick travel option feel almost pointless. Then later they added a third one which seemed like it was supposed to give you some fun options to support different factions and unlock achievements, but it was buggy as all hell on launch and gave no real reward, which caused Mr Commando to dismiss it after one run and we haven't been back since then.

Bioware also added a terminal with supposedly rotating dailies in patch 6.0.2, but I also only visited that one once. It gave me a mission to pick some fruit on Dantooine but sent Mr Commando off to Nar Shaddaa. The fruit-picking was cute enough, but being sent off to different planets at random obviously didn't make it a good choice for something to do as a team. I should probably revisit it anyway though...

To get back to gathering for a second, crew skills in general launched in a pretty messed-up state (which is honestly why I didn't bother to look into them too much initially), mostly with even the simplest crafts being ridiculously expensive in terms of materials. A patch has improved the situation somewhat since then, but it's still incredibly slow. I only got the achievement for getting all crew skills to level 700 the other day, and am slowly chipping away at trying to research this or that schematic, without too much commitment.

All of that aside, there is of course always more story content to go through. I've "only" completed Onslaught on six characters and I have so many more alts parked at various points, from their class story to KotET. And I do enjoy logging into different ones to play a bit here and there, but as much as I want to see different outcomes on a cerebral level, when it comes to deciding how I'm going to spend my one hour of playtime in the evening - or however much I happen to have - I all too often end up doing something else instead. But it's okay, fortunately that content isn't going anywhere, so I'll just keep chilling and chipping away at it as time allows and depending on my mood.


  1. I finished my second Onslaught playthrough earlier this week; first on Imp side and a saboteur to boot. My favourite part was flirting with Malgus, it's funny to see him so grumpy with my continuous bragging/sass (it's a Mildly Light BH, she hates self entitled force users for many good reasons and Malgus is a joy to taunt). It made me feel like running more toons through KOTFE/Kotet; sadly my main inq is stuck on the walker boss in Wrath and Ruin because I can't kill stuff fast enough and my knight has been parked on chapter V of kotfe forever because chapter 4 kills my will to live. I've also tried finishing SoR on my scoundrel earlier but couldn't because it bugged out and I had to reset, but couldn't redo the missions. Oh, life.

    1. I loved flirting with Malgus too, precisely because of how put off he is, haha!

      And having characters at lots of different stages in the story at least makes for varied gameplay opportunities. :)

    2. LOL, I feel like he is almost ready to strangle you! Makes me want to make an Elaena clone just to taunt even more (such a nice kid, me).

      And - no doubt. Since I first commented, my Scoundrel has moved into KOTFE (right at the start of chapter 4, trying my will to live), while my trooper is still on Rishi. No changes on the inq, I'll need outside help for sure, and I also rolled a new JK (current my only Twi'lek) and I've been feeling like reviving my Original Sorc (still 65, parked on fleet datacron) and maybe rolling another Consular (which would be... Only my 4th on Star Forge, I've got one on Malgus), but perhaps that's all silly when I still have 2 consulars through the vanilla storyline (A DS and a LS)... And of course, I have a total of 0 gunslingers, so, who knows!

    3. If there are any advanced classes you don't have yet, I can definitely recommend giving them a try. While I'm not a fan of gunslinger/sniper gameplay, I have found it worthwhile to at least try every type of gameplay at some point. It can make quite a difference to the experience.

    4. Oh, I had a Sniper at some point of 4.th run (almost sure she was my DvL agent?), But since 5.0 hit she saw no gameplay, just cq crafting (still not at 70!); I have never had a slinger, and while they're almost the same, there are always some differences. I also never rolled a powetech, but my first Trooper was a vanguard; same goes for mara/sent. Consulars and Inquisitors are the only ones I've played every single spec there is.


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