Day 8: Memorable Moments

This is the eighth post in my 10 Days of SWTOR Screenshots challenge. Click on any screenshot to see a larger version.

When I think about my most memorable moments in SWTOR, a lot of them are from my newbie days, which automatically disqualifies them from this series as I'm trying to use at least somewhat recent screenshots (no older than a year). Another large number involve operations boss kills... which are nice and all, but I didn't really want to fill this post with shots of achievement pop-ups, as I feel that those are kind of boring to look at. Therefore I made an effort to choose memorable moments for this post which didn't involve killing anything large but instead managed to be memorable in some other, smaller way.

First off, we do have something that involves achievements, though different ones: a screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of what was probably my best GSF match ever. Did I break any records with my number of kills and damage numbers? Hardly. But I'm not great at starfighting, and in this game the way I kept picking up buffs and blowing people out of the sky just felt magical. The fact that six or seven achievements popped up as soon as the match finished only worked to confirm my feeling that something amazing had just happened.

Up next, we have my Sage in the Senate Tower... I think I was in there to pick up the Dread Seed and Shroud quests at the time. On my way out I was suddenly enthralled by these two lowbies however, who seemed to be duelling for the sheer fun of swinging their lightsabers, without even looking like they were actually trying to kill each other (though if they were genuine newbies, it's also possible that they were still struggling to figure out how to play). Either way it was delightful to see them bounce around and visibly enjoy just being in this virtual world and doing silly things. It's something that us more jaded MMO veterans often miss I think.

Remember my story about "the other Shintar"?  No, I never did work up the courage to suggest that name change to him. But I finally met him in person in a warzone! It's a shame that I was on my Sage at the time or it would have been an epic Shíntar vs. Shintar showdown. Even so I immediately felt the urge to hit my print screen button and capture that epic encounter for posterity.

Finally, we have my pet tank and me on Yavin 4, gazing up at the Lance Squadron Commander. Why was this memorable? Because this was the first time that we saw this guy alive... and it didn't happen until about a month after Shadow of Revan's launch. For some reason he was always dead when I came by! I have yet to actually take him down, while I've seen at least one guildie get the achievement for killing this world boss ten times already. I'm sure one day I'll get around to downing him as well... but because it took so long, it will feel all the sweeter.


  1. I think I've run into that other Shintar too at some point. I was so confused!

    Also, you're totally beating me with starfighter, if that helps. I only ever did one match, and managed to get a total of 0 DPS (because I didn't find out about max range and just shot at things when I saw them). After that I concluded this was probably not going to be one of my talents. :P

    1. Yeah, the other Shintar must be a pretty dedicated player too! He must have been around since pre-launch to have gotten priority over me on the name when the servers were merged, and three and a half years later he's still around. I've also had someone in a warzone ask me once if I'm one of his alts! :D

  2. I saw that we're getting x12 XP on May 4th? How great is that? Guess that means ol' Targeter and his army of alts are getting dusted off.

    1. Wellll, you know XP boosts aren't really my thing so I'm more excited by the proposed option to be able to turn them off! But it would be nice to hear from you again, there's been a lot of turnover in SWTOR blogger circles.


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