Happy April!

Last year I was fretting about whether the SWTOR devs had forgotten all about April Fools Day. This year, work and a nasty cold left no time for such concerns, though I managed to have a look at this year's April Fools Day's efforts towards the end of my day at least.

I thought that the way it was written made it very obvious that it was just a joke (more so than usual, anyway), which was a bit of a shame in my opinion... but then I also kind of enjoyed the sheer silliness of the whole Kai Zykken angle, which pretty much made up for any loss in how convincing it was.

(Of course, in terms of Star Wars related April Fools, it was hard to beat CERN researchers confirming the existence of the Force.)

Now, with April Fools Day out of the way, we can all look forward to 3.2 going live later this month, featuring a whole new planet to explore and the introduction of the much-anticipated new outfit designer. The latter is probably going to be one of those additions about which I disagree with the majority opinion, but I think I'll wait until I've actually seen it in action to compile my thoughts into a proper post about it.

Meanwhile I'm certainly not bored, despite of the unusual length of the recent patch cycle. I still have yet to complete the last of the new class stories on Rishi (the bounty hunter), and at my pet tank's insistence I've been investing a bit more time into playing warzones again. One day that Elite Warlord title will be mine!

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