Which Stronghold to Choose?

So I mentioned that I'm getting quite excited about the release of Galactic Strongholds next week. However, I'm a bit worried that once it actually launches I'll end up suffering from analysis paralysis and be unable to decide what to actually do with all my new stuff.

For example I'm still not sure which strongholds I actually want to own. You might ask: "Why not get all four once you can afford it?" Well, for one I'm not sure I'll actually know what to do with that much housing space. If I end up really loving the decorating, I can still expand my holdings later, but I'd feel pretty foolish if I spent lots of money on opening up dozens of rooms, just to end up leaving them empty because I don't really know what to do with them.

Also, while the fact that you'll be able to own up to four different strongholds should make things easy, considering that's exactly how many different ones there are, I can't help but worry about stupid "what if"s. What if they introduce another really cool location later (such as Alderaan) and I'm already at my limit? What if they then don't increase the limit and you can't sell your unwanted strongholds? Wouldn't that suck?

It's a given for me that I'll want to have a home on Tatooine, no matter how expensive it is. In my very first post about SWTOR getting housing, before we even knew the name of the expansion, I bemoaned that I wouldn't be able to live on Tatooine. Since they changed it so that now I will be able to, there was never any doubt about that one.

I could also see myself getting the stronghold on Coruscant, what with me being a staunch supporter of the Republic. An apartment on a big city world would also feel sufficiently different from a compound in the desert that I could justify having both of them. They would obviously serve different purposes.

Dromund Kaas I'm not sure about. Initially I was willing to discard the idea simply because I don't feel as much of a connection to Empire side, but I've heard that it's very atmospheric with the rain and what not, and I do have quite a lot of Imperial alts that could really do with a place of their own...

You know which stronghold I could definitely do without though? Nar Shaddaa. I know that a lot of people love the place for lore reasons, but personally I've always found it to be one of the dullest planets in the game in terms of environments. Aside from some flashy lights that you see during your taxi rides it's just another dull cityscape, and considering the crime levels I can't imagine it being a very nice place to live. Yet which one is the stronghold in which subscribers get several rooms unlocked automatically? This one. Le sigh.

Are you planning to unlock them all, simply to max out your weekly conquest point gains? Or are you still undecided like me?


  1. I'll TRY to limit myself to building that private museum for my ex-agent, now arcaeologist/smuggler on Nar Shaddaa. Locationwise it makes the most sense. Where else could you work for and profit from both sides?

    1. A private museum sounds like a cool idea!

  2. I haven't given it much thought. I think I will be happy with the guild housing, not so much interested in personal. But that may change, who know?

  3. Probably get them all since I should have NS and Tat auto unlocked from sub. Probably not expand them at all to begin with since I'm poor, but slow expand them from time to time. Tat is the one I want most, but since my pseudo main now is my jug, the dk house might see a fair bit of use. TBH I have avoided most of the hype and pts info so that I can go in with no/low expectations and benefit from the setting a low bar effect.

  4. I was really excited about getting the free unlocks of Nar Shada as a subscriber but now it is probably my least favorite stronghold. My current thinking is:
    Purchase Dromund Kas for my Sith/Imperial powerbase,
    Save up for Tat to make it my smugglers paradise, and
    Convert my free Nar Shada Stronghold into a hangout for my bounty hunters.


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