Refer-A-Friend Update

I'm back from my holiday (which was very enjoyable, thank you for asking) and still in the process of catching up with what has happened in game since I left and what my favourite bloggers have been writing about. One thing I did already notice however was that I received another referral reward in my absence, bringing my total up to five.

I believe that I put my referral link up on the blog around the end of March/beginning of April, so it took about five months to make the five referrals that are needed to get all the rewards, about one per month then. Apparently I also earned 1200 bonus Cartel Coins from people subscribing after they've been referred by me.

I considered taking the referral link down after I got all the little recoloured droid pets, because once you have all the rewards, what's the point? However, looking at those bonus Cartel Coins it's clearly worth it to keep making referrals even after you've received all the item rewards. And who knows, maybe Bioware will one day add a little extra reward for people who've made ten referrals or however many I'll be up to by then... so I'll leave that little sidebar box up for now.

Either way, I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all the people who have used the referral link so far and who got me all those little droid pets. I hope you've been enjoying the game!


  1. Having used a referral link myself, the unlocks alone are extremely useful. I wish I had used it before I bought all the account unlocks. I would have saved a million credits at least. Keeping it up helps others just as much as it helps you. Take a look at what account unlocks sell for on the GTN and you won't hesitate a second more. It helps new players A LOT.

  2. My referral link: http://www.swtor.com/r/YfrBmG

  3. Here is my link


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