Rakghoul Roundup

The rakghouls have come and gone, and I had fun. The weekly reset today allowed me to use up some of the spare reputation tokens that I had accumulated over the course of the week, so that I'm now maxed out on reputation with yet another faction.

I made sure to do the dailies at least once on each of my nine max-level characters and bought each of them a set of the two rakling pets that you can get from Jeelvic for cheap. I killed the Eyeless about half a dozen times, most of them in pugs. There were some wipes, especially on hardmode, but people were in good spirits and in the end we always pulled through. Cracking jokes about the boss's shapely butt never got old either.

I killed the new world boss, Plaguehorn, once as well, though only once. I'm not sure how I feel about putting the event-related world boss so far away from where the actual event is happening. On Alderaan it was easy to get pulled into a world boss group just as you were about to enter or coming out of the Spike. With Plaguehorn being located more or less on the opposite end of the map from the entrance to the rakghoul tunnels, you kind of had to make a conscious decision to go for one or the other.

I also worked on my achievements a little. I feel that the ones related to all the different rakling pets and the Tunnel Lurker are pretty insane. Get lots of pets that are rare drops and then have each of them out as you repeatedly kill a rare spawn that's not soloable for most people... um, yeah. It's not so bad though when you just chip away at it slowly. For example I didn't go out of my way to hunt the Tunnel Lurker down, but over the course of the week I still ran into him twice while doing dailies in a group and while assembling for an ops respectively. It was no big deal to quickly summon one of my pets for the achievement just then and pull him quickly.

Somewhat to my surprise, I also still had fun spreading the plague around. I have to admit that this is a feature whose entertainment value has somewhat worn off over time, at least for me, because doing dailies - especially the heroic - while infected is such a pain that you tend to vaccinate yourself at the start and then forget about it.

However, I somehow ended up contracting the plague just before a social ops run on Saturday and staunchly refused any requests to vaccinate myself... after all it was only EV and KP! The funny thing was that after some initial expressions of annoyance people soon changed their minds about the whole thing and we actually ended up converging on each other every time someone was about to explode, basically trading the infection back and forth over the course of the run.

I've said it before, but I really like how this event creates opportunities for player interaction. Some people may only see "yet another set of dailies", but I see a lot of ways to both help and compete with other players, which I believe is one of the secret ingredients that truly make an MMO come alive.

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  1. If it weren't that I were a) playing my BH (who got to L46 by the end of the event) and b) I was also focused on leveling Slicing, I'd have probably pulled either my Commando or Sorcerer out and had a go at the WB.

    Aside from that, I now know what the Stardream wreck is for, since I tried out SWTOR at the tail end of the original Rakghoul outbreak....


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