Levelling With A Guildie

Him: You realise that after this, we'll have to do the bonus series too.
Me: Errr, do we? I was originally planning to level this character just through class quests and PvP.
Him: I'm a completionist, I have to do all the quests.
Me: I like seeing all the quests, but surely you don't want to redo them on every character. Doesn't that get seriously boring, doing the same thing on every alt?
Him: Nope. I like the game. [shares start of bonus series]
Me: [sighs and hits accept]


Him: [tries to bioanalyse a plant and pulls some mobs]
Me: [loots the plant while he kills them]
Him: What the...? How did you even get that? I'd already analysed it!
Me: You hadn't looted it though, as you got interrupted. So I could, and I did.
Him: You thief! This will require revenge.
Me: Bring it on.

Him: [chooses some sort of light side option in a conversation and wins the roll yet again]
Me: Seriously? You're not a real smuggler.
Him: I'm just a nice person.
Me: How's anyone supposed to make any credits with you constantly helping people out for free?
Him: It's always all about the credits with you! You're such a nasty person!
Me: Maybe I am! Better than being a bloody goody-two-shoes!


Me: [cruises along at the top of a cliff, then gets knocked off the speeder by a random mob]
Him: [drives on]
Me: [fights the mob and gets close to killing it, but it takes a while due to being healing spec]
Him: [comes back and knocks the mob off the cliff as it has about ten percent health left, so I get no XP or loot]
Me: That was profoundly unsatisfying. Only you can turn even coming back to help me into a bad thing!
Him: Yeah well, serves you right for taking so long.
Me: Grrr.


Me: You know, I really hate that companion colour matching is broken right now. Your Corso seriously offends my eyes.
Him: What, with his red boots and blue... everything else?
Me: Yes.
Him: Well, maybe I did that intentionally, just to annoy you. To get back at you for getting over three hundred hostages killed back there!
Me: That would be a very subtle kind of cruel. (Also, I did kind of hope I'd get to shoot before he could order any executions.)


Me: Why do we keep doing this if we just end up annoying each other?
Him: Annoy each other? What are you talking about?


  1. Three hundred hostages what? O_o

    I've missed lots of things playing generally Light Side, haven't I? (Assuming that saving hostages is somehow less memorable than getting them killed... Though if it's in a bonus series, maybe I just plain missed it.)

    1. As my guildie commented below, it's actually part of the main Alderaan chain on Republic side (specifically this quest).

    2. Ah, right. Apparently three hundred hostages _are_ less memorable when you save them.

  2. I have a levelling buddy guildie too - this could totally be excerpts of my conversations with him. :)

  3. *Spoiler*

    The three hundred hostages killed is one of the Alderaan main series but you need to pick the attack option when you talk to the duke.

    *end of spoiler*

    I would like to point out, considering how Shintar only picks the funnest disagreements that we've had that, we've still survived until the end of chapter 1 thus far. I hasn't all been this bad some of it has been really funny. :P

    Suffering Guildie :P


    1. I knew you'd feel the urge to defend yourself anyway. ^^

    2. You know me so well :P

  4. Light Side smugglers are effectively the republics bitch

    1. I just wish the game would remember that Smugglers are criminals a bit more often. It's disconcerting how rarely it comes up. And how little thought was given to what that would mean, even in the story at times. Belsavis is just _bizarre_ on a Smuggler. (Okay, Belsavis is bizarre, period. Let's make that extra bizarre.)

    2. The best part about the Smuggler story is that you find a Jedi who is willing to look the other way in Chapter 3. She got a big ol' thumbs up from my Gunslinger when she said (effectively) "You go do what you have to do, and if anyone complains I've got your back."

  5. Can I say that I laughed my ass off on this post? After the past day or two, I sure needed that....

  6. Fun read.

    I'll never entirely understand why coop levelling hasn't become a strong TOR attraction. I've always enjoyed it more than in other games thanks in no small part to the morality tug of war.


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