A TFB Christmas

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Mine was pretty decent for sure, as it involved the usual amount of family get-togethers but also quite a bit of gaming.

I thought it was interesting that while guild leadership did make a point of saying that events might not happen over the holiday period, people kept putting impromptu operations together almost every night anyway. It was rather amusing when I was online late on Christmas Eve and a guildie came down into the TeamSpeak channel I was in just to yell: "They are doing an operation! Today! They are all mad!" On Boxing Day I even went on a Terror From Beyond hardmode run myself. And while I joked about how "sad" it was to raid during the holidays, I actually don't see anything wrong with it. Surely spending time socialising and having a laugh with a bunch of lovely people is perfectly compatible with getting into the Christmas spirit.

Speaking of TfB HM, I've now cleared it in its entirety twice in a row. This was only possible because the Terror is currently bugged and doesn't spawn all of its adds correctly... I expect that there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth once Bioware fixes that and we go back to wiping on it. Still, the larger point for me is that after two months, I've finally made it all the way up the ladder to being a full-fledged progression raider. It's... kinda nice. Of course now I have to be careful not to let it get to my head, because nothing reduces your patience for mistakes and wipes like knowing from experience how easily they can be avoided if you're running with a group that usually doesn't mess up much.

Also, I've clearly overcome my loot issues as I was happy to rake in the rewards on those two hardmode Terror kills, scoring both my Dread Guard chest piece as well as the rare Deep Wriggler pet. Personally I found that the Star Wars art style has always resulted in creatures that look a bit "odd" for lack of a better word, neither sleek nor cute, and this certainly applies to the Wriggler as well... but I still find it strangely adorable. Aw, look at how it scratches its giant hideous buck teeth! Isn't it the cutest? And well... there is something funny about being able to say: "Sorry, I didn't pay attention to what you just said; I was busy playing with my Wriggler."


  1. Ha! I saw one of those last night at the fleet and totally went WTF IS That?! :D

  2. You refer to us lot as lovely people? N'awwwwwwww :D it was awesome getting some serious raiding in on boxing day, but at the same time it was so relaxed, gotta say looking forward to the teeth gnashing that'll come from the patch after new years :)


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