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It's been a while since I last linked to some fan videos on YouTube, so let me once again share a couple that have amused me lately:

1. Sith Assassin PvP 1.3 - The Bradleey Troll Diaries, part 1 & 2: I'm usually not a huge fan of PvP videos, because a lot of them aren't very entertaining to the average Joe, whether it's because they are badly edited or because they only serve to show off the "leetness" of the video creator. These two videos by Bradleey are very fun to watch however, as he focuses on silly moments in warzones that mostly involve him wreaking havoc with Force Pull or capping nodes undisturbed while oblivious defenders are looking the other way. You can really tell that he had fun making these whenever you watch him happily hurl himself off a bridge only to take someone else with him. But then, what else would you expect from someone whose legacy name is "Hehehehe"?

2. Captain Zekk is kind of a jerk: A lot of the smuggler's funniest "rude" moments edited together, with some other bits of random fun in between. I actually laughed out loud more than once. While the video doesn't outright spoil any plot points, it does give away all kinds of random bits of conversation, so proceed with caution if you'd rather see it all for yourself and haven't levelled a smuggler yet.

3. SWTOR Music Video: Atreyu - Falling Down: One of the first results you get when searching YouTube for "SWTOR music video", this is quite well done for something that's made exclusively from manually recorded gameplay footage. I've watched it a few times now, and I don't even like the song! Too bad the creator responds to enthusiastic comments from viewers with "lol, I only played this for a month".

4. Crimson Nova Girls: This video is not without its flaws. Aside from the spelling mistakes in the subtitles, I'm generally not fond of people overdoing the whole "girls dancing in bikinis" thing, but one has to give credit where credit is due: the singing is good and the accompanying video is very well made. I was quite impressed by some of the synchronised dancing in particular. And original SWTOR songs are hard to find.

5. Darth Baras - You Mad Bro? Finally, something simple but fun: footage of a single conversation that Sith warriors have on Dromund Kaas during Act I of their class story. I wouldn't worry too much about spoilers with this one - just savour the privilege of getting to listen to one of most quotable NPCs in the game...

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