Video Time Again!

Even though I've been quiet about them as of late, my clumsy attempts at making SWTOR fan videos have not come to an end. After making a PvP music video, a raid music video, and a "look at this funny random warzone" video, I decided that the next step should probably be something without the UI showing, and that it shouldn't just consist of random gameplay but be somewhat more directed. Unfortunately I'm not very good at actually playing without my UI, so that limited my options somewhat. Then I finally came up with what I thought was a fitting idea, but I needed someone else to assist me and he was never around.

Eventually I decided to say "screw it", altered my idea a bit and enlisted my significant other to be my emote slave lovely assistant. What else are boyfriends for? The end result was this:

It's all very basic, and there are some sections that I'm not entirely happy with, but after a while I just got tired of re-recording the in-game footage in yet another attempt to make things look ever so slightly better. It'll have to do!

It was quite fun to play around with the emotes though. Before I did this I never realised just how many different ones there were, and that some of them look pretty funky.

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