Day 9: Silly

This is the ninth post in my 10 Days of SWTOR Screenshots challenge. Click on any screenshot to see a larger version.

This screenshot is silly due to context more than anything else: at the time, two out of three of us sitting on the floor was actually our way of doing the (back then) [Heroic 4] The Stasis Generator. Okay, once or twice we had to get up and step out of the phase as about half the room aggroed at once and tried to kill people, but the rest of the time it was just our Shadow stealthing around and taking care of all the quest objectives while we just twiddled our thumbs. Maybe it's not such a great idea to design what's supposed to be a group daily of all things so that it favours stealthers to the point where they can solo it within a couple of minutes...

Back on Luka Sene, as the warzone queues got longer and longer, people started to do increasingly silly things to pass the time while waiting at the PvP terminal, such as dancing in a conga line... I'm not going to pretend that I want those half hour queues back, but they definitely weren't all bad either.

Another one from the category "strange things people do while waiting in the queue": staring at the wall together. This one was extra funny to me because I have a WoW screenshot from back in TBC where two guildies and I were staring at a wall in Tempest Keep in a similar fashion. Is this some sort of meme that I'm not aware of...? "Watching paint dry" or something?

I'll never forget the day that Bioware announced in the patch notes that they'd fixed the headless companion bug: "Headless companion bug? Never heard of that before, but it sounds ridiculous!" Patched, logged in... and promptly ran into someone with a headless companion, for the first time ever and of course right after installing the patch that was supposed to have fixed it. Though the funniest thing at the time was actually the reaction of the player the companion belonged to, as she stood there next to the bank in wide-eyed wonder and kept asking everyone around her whether they couldn't see her companion's head either or whether it was just her PC acting up. I love bugs like this.

Recovery after a wipe, everyone is there except our guild leader, who seems to have gone AFK for a few minutes. As repeated attempts to revive him don't lead to anything, someone suggests that we should perform CPR by jumping up and down on his chest. He came back mere moments later, and I thought that the facial expression on his character as she got up was priceless. -_- indeed.

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