Day 8: Memorable Moments

This is the eighth post in my 10 Days of SWTOR Screenshots challenge. Click on any screenshot to see a larger version.

I'm very much spoiled for choice on this one. So many memorable moments! It was hard to pick just a few.

Let's start with my very first world boss. I must have been level thirty or so then. He was exciting both because he was my first ever raid boss in SWTOR and because killing him was the first major guild event that I participated in. As it happens he also dropped a purple trooper chest which I won, and which I still keep in my bank for the memories.

I could just add lots of raid boss kills to this list, but that would be boring. I decided to simply pick one to stand for all of them, namely the one that was probably the most exciting: the Ancient Pylons on hard mode. It's pretty silly really, because the encounter is so easy, but back when it was bugged so that the consoles would become unclickable when you were about halfway through and the only way to reset them was to reset the instance and thus the entire trash, it gave us nightmares week after week.

After 1.2 fixed that bug and we were finally able to beat it, my guildies cheered louder than I've ever heard them cheer for anything else. It was totally ridiculous because our excitement was completely out of proportion compared to the effort we had to put into beating the fight just then (clicking buttons, yay), but the relief after all those weeks of frustration build-up was just too great.

While I haven't collected a whole lot of datacrons, most of the ones I have found and clicked on have some pretty nice memories attached to them. The Tatooine balloon ride is a good example - I even made an entire post about it at the time.

When my smuggler and her trooper friend levelled through Tatooine recently, we also rode the balloon together, and my heart was in my throat again when we had to make the jump, even though I knew how it worked this time. We got both datacrons on the sandcrawler that time... and also got to witness a poor fool of a Jedi getting punted off the balloon when he accepted a duelling request from an Empire player. Fortunately he took it in good spirits and laughed about it in general chat afterwards.

And finally of course, how could anyone forget the Rakghoul Plague world event? If that wasn't memorable then I don't know what would be.

I really hope that we'll see another world event soon. I seem to remember reading somewhere that information about another world event was already datamined months ago, but I guess other things have been keeping the devs busy since then.

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