100 Posts!

I'm usually terrible at remembering blog-related milestones and anniversaries, but I'm happy to note that this is my one hundredth post on this blog! I'm looking forward to the next hundred.

I took this as an opportunity to have a look at my stats on Google Analytics and check what kind of search terms had led people over here. Overall they were less bizarre than some of the things that I found when checking the same data for my WoW blog back in the day: Mostly people were searching for information about game systems or pictures of certain types of gear. Still, a couple of things made me chuckle.

all day i go commando
can people tell when your going commando
hunks going commando
i enjoy going commando without any shame

This is just a selection of the more harmless ones that have nothing to do with SWTOR and everything with the punny nature of my blog's name. Sorry about the confusion, guys and girls! Though honestly, some of you are kind of pervy.

More surprising to me were all the search terms related to other games that Google ended up linking to this blog. Like, what the hell? I only write about TOR! I may make comparisons to WoW sometimes but I've never even touched or mentioned any of the others! I really feel like Google is letting both the searchers and me down here. It's not as if there aren't thousands of other blogs that actually do talk about those games.

diablo 3 the foundry level 1 entrance
guild wars 2 meme
me3 only dialogue options are renegade or flirt?
rift tier gear
the funniest wow podcasts 2012

Now to get to the ones that actually are related to the subject matter of this blog (and the ones that aren't related to anything in specific):

swtor commando overpowered
swtor commando underpowered

This about sums up everything you need to know about MMO PvP, really.

balmorra tor lasts forever

Yes, yes it does. It's one of my least favourite planets for no reason that I can explain, other than that my first experience with it was somewhat annoying.

does the consular story get better?

Yes, it does. Also, to quote another search term: jedi consular isn't so bad

green twi lek's belly

Now that's an oddly specific one, isn't it? Do I even want to know why you're looking for this? Probably not. Either way, the first picture in this post of mine might actually suit your needs!

i've got so many things today

Good for you!

i like big fan

Erm, okay! Good for you too! I guess.

jedi consular female body type 1 battlemasters

Another oddly specific search. I'm guessing this one is about the way the gear looks more than anything else, but still. Sorry, I can't help with that one as my own female Jedi consular Battlemaster is body type 3.

swtor here is the lady of pain

This one made me do a double take because my first thought was: what is the Lady of Pain doing in TOR? Apparently this is about a bounty hunter quest that I haven't done yet though.

swtor - mistakenly swore in general chat

It's okay, we won't tell on you. We can tell that you must have felt really bad to do a Google search about it! There probably isn't a support group though.

swtor lfg tool worked nicely last night

This one amused me because the wording makes it sound like the person simply felt like telling Google about their positive experience more than anything else.

swtor the esseles cant get on sheep

I don't recall the Esseles featuring any sheep. Recent patch change?

videos of people falling down from running

Sorry, not really something that you'll find here... but I can totally understand your interest. People falling down is funny.

where the hell is this chevin guy in the lower promenade?

Of course someone had to come and ask that after I said that it would be hard to miss the guy.

Also, Google knows that I'm multilingual!

comment faire pour avoir un gannifari dans star wars - You should have got one in the mail automatically if you were subscribed during the whole server transfer shenanigans. It's inside a goodie box.

swtor was ist lfg - Das ist LFG! "Looking For Group" = Gruppenfinder

игра соло swtor - Google translate had to help me with this one, but... yeah, of course you can play SWTOR solo! Most of the best content doesn't require a group. It's just a lot more fun with friends.

And finally, my favourite search term leading to this site, ever:

best swtor blogs

You're welcome.


  1. Congrats! Now you're making me curious as to what MY search terms are. I'm guessing there are a few profanities in there. Oops.

  2. Grats! *ding*

    On my first two toons Balmorra seemed to take ages, but now the zone is a breeze. Because now I know that it is nothing compared to the slog that is Belsavis.
    hmmmm.... maybe we should avoid all planets starting with a "B"?

  3. Switching blog themes is never an easy undertaking, but you've managed it with ease! happy 100 posts, Shintar! =)

  4. Cheers. Keep the faith.


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