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Heroic pugs, hand in together!

Generally my pugs for heroic quests tend to disband pretty quickly once the quest is done, and I'm okay with that - however, I do wish people wouldn't all leave before we've even had a chance to actually hand in the quest. If they just stayed in the party for two more minutes, we'd all get a massive experience bonus and maybe some social points too! I reckon that a lot of people simply aren't aware of it because they haven't done enough grouping yet, but if you are one of those early leavers, be aware and spread the word!

Same faction PvP is weird

It seems that the Empire dominates on my server after all, because I did some warzones on Empire side last night and it turns out that they do in fact spend a lot of time playing Huttball against each other.

Being pitted against people of your own faction has some strange consequences. Specifically, I noticed that a Sith did a /spit emote on me as she killed me, something that annoys me somewhat because for all the casual ways in which some players use this gesture, it projects a mental image of an action that would be very offensive in real life.

I contemplated whether it would be overreacting to whisper her about it (since we were on the same side and all), when the next match actually threw us onto the same team. Seeing the offender right next to me, I couldn't resist whispering her. "Funny, last match you spat on me and now we're on the same team." "Terrible, isn't it? I'll love you now though." And then she did a /love emote on me repeatedly, which made me chuckle and any leftover annoyance dissipated immediately. It's an interesting situation though, fighting people who could end up in your team on the next match, and something to keep in mind before you get too much into the spirit of hating the enemy.

Directive 7 is bugged

The latest flashpoint we attempted was Directive 7, and I say attempted because we ran into a bug that prevented us from completing it. Specifically, there is a boss that creates a copy of a party member every now and then, but apparently there is a bug with it which can cause it to spawn near endless copies of certain party members, and it mostly affects Mercenaries and Commandos (gulp). So yeah, we got quite close to killing it once, but eventually we always got overrun by an army of evil Shintars.

Supposedly there is a way to skip him via use of a combat res or stealth, but in the end we were too tired to even bother. Bugs that affect gameplay as badly as this remain a nuisance, but I have to admit that there was at least a certain element of humour to dying to an army of evil mes.

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  1. I enjoy Huttball because as I pvp mostly on my Republic character, I tend to only fight the Empire while doing it. What IS weird, though, is when two groups of four people from your guild queue for pvp at the same time and you end up facing each other in Huttball... while you're all on Skype with each other. :v

    As someone who supports faction rivalries wholeheartedly, though, the general practice of having to face your same faction in Huttball is a bit disappointing. My heart goes out to the poor Imperials who have to fight each other all the time. >:


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