Armour, I can has it

The debate about sexism in video games and ridiculous female armour goes ever on and on, and while it's nice to see people becoming more aware of the issue, it can get tiring sometimes when it feels like we're not really making any progress. Personally, I'm not too bothered by the occasional unnecessarily bared midriff here and there, but I have felt turned off by games that emphasise this kind of thing too much.

With that said, I'm really happy to say that SWTOR is a game that gets it absolutely right.

I love my trooper and the way she looks. She's a proper soldier, armoured from head to toe. No bare belly, exposed cleavage, high heels or other such nonsense. I don't think the chest piece even qualifies as "boob plate" because while it is slightly moulded to the shape, the curves are very small and subtle and I didn't really notice them until I zoomed in close to check.

Other classes don't get to be armoured quite as awesomely due to the nature of their gear (jedi robes etc.), but the ladies still get full body coverage all around from what I've seen. Thanks, Bioware.

If you are a fan of making your character look "sexy", vendors sell at least one outfit that pays homage to Leia's slave bikini in Return of the Jedi, and in warzones I've seen more than one female twi'lek that did decide to sport a more revealing look, but that's a conscious choice to go after those special items and completely optional. I just wish that more companies would follow that example.


  1. I didn't even NOTICE that. I guess you don't notice when things are "normal", right? I wish we had more "revealing" hat options, though. It doesn't make sense for a trooper to NOT wear a helmet (hide helm), but I really hate not seeing my toon's face.

  2. Yeah, I've been thinking about this as well. I'm still a little disappointed that there's no male equivalent of the slave bikini, and there's at least one item I know of that's normal clothing on a male character and a midriff top on a female character, but by and large Bioware's done pretty damn well.

    And indeed, the female trooper is so awesome without being scantily clad in any way. (And it makes Aric get all flustered, which is doubly awesome. >:))

  3. Indeed! Thanks for pointing that out.
    Another thing I've enjoyed is how great the guys look in cloth. Oh, that sounds weird. But what I mean is that in some games, men wearing cloth robes look a bit absurd in a /point and /laugh kind of way. But no one would dare /point at the Dark Council even though they are all wearing "skirts". The gear looks very natural on everyone.

  4. @Njessi: I didn't really notice it at first either, but then I read a couple of those articles about sexualisation in video games, looked back and thought: "Phew!"

    As for helmets, I've had at least one trooper helm that did show the face. Most of the time I'm quite happy to just be a stoic helm-face either way, but I'd love it if they introduced a setting to hide head pieces in conversations only, because that's the one time I kind of miss the facial expressions sometimes (and it already does this automatically when you're having a chat with one of your companions).

    @Siha: Can't males wear the bikini too if they want to? I thought I heard someone talk about it the other day... :D But yes, I'm not against them introducing some more options for that kind of look, as long as they remain options and don't become the default I have to expect to get as quest rewards.

    @Peal: I know what you mean. They never look like they are wearing dresses, it's definitely robes. *nods*

  5. lol at armor, female boxers have their ab exposed, they can kick anyone's ass.

    liu kang in mortal kombat is shirtless no one fucks with him.

    its not the 1 inch puny material of shirt, its the abs itself and the fighter.

    if someone wears too much armor it won't be flexible for them or comfortable which all women want.


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