Everyday Hero

The Imperial Agent stalks through the shadows of Nar Shadaa in search of insurgents. Well, technically they are all around her already, but these are hardly worthy targets.

Surprise stops her dead in her tracks as something - no, someone - flies past her. Going by his attire, he's a Sith, and he's also on fire. He crashes into a group of nearby barrels, and while he immediately scrambles to his feet again, it's obvious that both his body and spirit are nearly broken.

Following his panicked gaze, she sees the man's problem: a brute that's easily got twice the Agent's body mass and who now seems to be going in for the kill.

She frowns. While Imperial Intelligence and the Sith may not always see eye to eye, this is unacceptable. Just before the brute can land his killing blow, he finds himself paralysed by a vibroknife to the chest.

The Sith's eyes light up in happy surprise at this unexpected turn of events, and his courage is restored almost instantly. The brute goes down in a flurry of knife attacks and lightsaber blows.

The Agent resheathes her weapon with a smile and disappears into the shadows once more. She's still got some karma to work off, but every little helps.

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  1. I love moments like this, not really roleplay but the random interaction with strangers. It makes MMO gaming even when solo questing unpredictable, and IMHO superior to single player games like Skyrim for that reason.


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