Date Night with Theron and Arcann

Not at the same time, you silly person! The decision trees in this game are complex enough without adding threesomes to the mix.

As mentioned previously, I currently only have access to two out of the four "date night" missions that were released with 7.4.1, but I did want to take some notes on the ones I could do.

To make sure nobody develops any unreasonable expectations, each one of these is only about five minutes long, but they are fully voiced and directed, with multiple conversation choices. Oddly, the thing that surprised me the most was their method of acquisition, as they first appear in your Alliance alerts, but then the alert tells you to go to your personal starship and only there do you pick up the actual repeatable mission from a data pad. I wonder whether that means that future date nights for class-specific companions will be available before you hit KotFE, or whether this was just some technical workaround that was required since Alliance alerts can't be made repeatable or something like that.

Now for the spoiler-y part... Theron first:

A female cathar smuggler looks at Theron adoringly while he looks aside with a distracted and annoyed expression

The date with Theron takes you to the Slugfall cantina on Mek-Sha and the general theme is that he's too distracted by his work and not paying enough attention to you, something he wants to work on. I had to smile at the scene where Theron and your character are about to kiss when his data pad interrupts with a beep - that felt very real somehow. I was kind of surprised by the bit where said data pad just ends up being thrown over the railing... I hope that got checked up on later; I'd hate for some random on Mek-Sha to become privy to a bunch of Alliance secrets...

For Arcann, you meet up in the Odessen Wilds and I was initially a bit confused as I couldn't see a quest marker on the map. However, I didn't have to move very far in to run into him. Arcann's idea of a date night is to have a fight with training sabers, which is... in-character, but also kind of weird in a way considering that he surely can't have great memories of the last time you and him battled like that.

Arcann doing mock battle with a female twi'lek Jedi knight

Either way, I thought it worked quite well for my Jedi knight, though I had my doubts about how convincing a mock saber battle would be if you're a tech user. After looking that variant of the mission up on YouTube, I'm still not entirely convinced (the sparring still looks a bit too pro for someone who usually wields a pistol I think), but it does have a couple of cute dialogue changes.

Either way, the fight finishes with a smooch, and all I could think of was that the two of you should have tumbled into the high grass afterwards, but I guess that might've been considered too suggestive, heh.

After playing through these, you get a letter from your love the next day as well. I don't know yet if that part also gets repeated if you replay the mission.

Personally I think these are a nice incentive to romance different companions on alts, though I wonder if this particular addition is also upsetting to completionists, since the new date night alerts also have achievements associated with them, which might require a considerable number of alts to cover everything as time goes on. If you're getting a new character levelled up in order to get involved with a companion, you can't use too many story skips either as the default options that get chosen for you in that case never result in any romances.


  1. I shall certainly miss having 100% companion achievements, but at the same time I also welcome the extra incentives to do other romances where possible. I don't doubt that when others get added some players will be doing all sorts of mental gymnastics to work out when they can romance and break up with certain companions to minimise the number of characters they'd need to get achievements...

  2. I did the Lana date night and that was pretty cute. I'll definitely do some of the achievements to get the decorations. I may also end up leveling some alts just to see other romances as they add more.

  3. "To make sure nobody develops any unreasonable expectations, each one of these is only about five minutes long (...)"

    You would be a hell of a Dev. ^^
    I wish they would lead with this in all of their livestreams.

    Personally as a veteran player i know that by heart by now, but i don't like all the threads that are inevitable coming, because there are still like a million players out there expecting crazy hour gameplay.

    1. Well, I know why they don't lead with that when talking about it, because it doesn't sound great! On this blog though, I'm more of a reviewer, not a marketer. 🙂

      I agree that it's strange that people keep expecting the new content to be much longer than it ends up being. It's not like this is a recent development or anything. People have been grousing about new content releases not being big or long enough since Rise of the Hutt Cartel, and yet they continue to be surprised every time...


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