GS5 Review: Satele Shan

Patch 7.4 is coming out on Tuesday! Before I jump into playing and writing about all the new content and systems changes that are coming with it, let's wrap up this series about my experience of playing through Galactic Season 5 on different servers. There's only one left and that's Satele Shan.

Of all the servers that I consider my "other" servers (as opposed to my home on Darth Malgus), this was probably the least exciting to play on this season. I gave up on trying to get midbie PvP pops on my Guardian during the server's off-hours and just went back to doing the PvP objectives on my Shadow Zilek, for whom queue pops were almost instant. It wasn't as fun as on the Guardian but still better than I remembered it being immediately after he hit 80. He also dutifully ticked off all other high-level objectives such as killing world bosses or doing dailies, but made no progress on his class story. The character that probably made the most story progress was my Imperial agent Yin, who gained ten levels and got her personal starship.

I also made a new character on Satele Shan for the "complete missions as a smuggler or bounty hunter" objective, a handsome male smuggler who is still on Ord Mantell, but you've got to start somewhere! I'm looking forward to seeing all the other flirt options for smugglers.

My overall legacy level increased by four, from 27 to 31.

Looking at what I've said about the other servers, I think what I'm missing on Satele Shan right now is a guild. This server was actually the first one on which I originally joined a guild, back in Season 2, but it was a random invite and they removed me for inactivity when I took my between-seasons break. After that I didn't want to accept another random invite because it may be a bit silly, but it always makes me a little sad to "lose" a guild one way or another. I suppose I could try my luck with Republic/Imperial Court like I recently did on Leviathan. Alternatively, Intisar reminded me in a comment the other day that the Ootini guilds are also on Satele Shan, so that might be a better option - I assume they are still around even if their guild website appears to have gone AWOL. Either way that's something to worry about for next season.

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