GS3 Review: Star Forge

Galactic Season 3 ends tomorrow, so today I'd like to talk about the last server on which I finished my GS3 goals: Star Forge. Of all my secondary servers, this one has long been the most progressed for the sole reason that I've had a character there for many years that was actually at the level cap during several expansions, even if I didn't really do any endgame with her. As such, Star Forge was the only secondary server where I already had a character hit level 80 during Season 2.

However, with all the new max-levels I've gained on the other servers, it feels like Star Forge is no longer as ahead of the pack as it was, even if my Cathar trooper has marginally better gear than the others, with an average item rating of 328 and being only a few tech fragments away from maxing out her second implant at 334.

That said, my legacy here is still the most advanced by quite a margin (aside from my home server of course), coming in at legacy level 37, and I also did more PvP here than on the other servers, incidentally reaching level seven in the PvP season without trying.

In terms of story I didn't make a lot of progress but that was okay, since my trooper here has been trying to do all the quests just like the one I made on Tulak Hord. She was on Belsavis at the end of the last season, and made it about halfway through Voss this time around. I did the Belsavis bonus series for the first time in what felt like forever and boy, did that bring back memories. I was a little confused though that there was one mission I remembered that I couldn't find anymore, the one to stop a Sith from escaping on a shuttle. Wonder what happened to that and why anything happened to it in the first place, assuming I wasn't just being blind.

I also ended up soloing Kuat Drive Yards at one point (though I don't remember how that tied into seasons, having to complete missions as a trooper perhaps) and ran into a massive wall by getting Station Guardian One at the end, who must have killed me a dozen times before I managed to got him down. I wasn't sure whether he was soloable at all as I couldn't find any evidence of it online, but well, now I know that he is. I'll have to upload the recording I made of it to my YouTube channel at some point.

My other two characters on the server, a Gunslinger smuggler and a Shadow knight, didn't see much play this season, though the smuggler did make some progress on her class story, and seeing how she didn't do all the side missions, it felt rather weird when I realised that she had almost caught up to the trooper in terms of story progression. I guess completing chapter two on her was notable in so far as it made Star Forge the first of my secondary servers on which I have access to two of the legacy class buffs instead of just the one.


  1. On Belsavis, I think stopping the Sith from reaching the (Rakata?) shuttle was part of a class story line. Either Smuggler or Trooper I think.

    I'm under the weather so my brain is a bit fogged so I don't remember more.

    1. The smuggler class story features an inmate trying to escape in a Rakata shuttle, but that's not what I was thinking of.

      You made me look it up now: The mission is/was called "Restraining the Darkness", given by Jedi Master Korman Reyes, who used to stand in the tent next to Major Harris. He's not there anymore.

    2. Even further research led to me finding out that Master Korman still exists, but he's been moved to the Republic Watchtower on the other side of the zone, and the Sith shuttle has also been moved closer to that... for some reason. Must've been one of those peculiar 4.0 changes!

    3. Nice find. :) My brain is definitely fogged at the moment, so I'm glad you were able to find out that the quest still existed.

      Oh, and I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds, if you ever want to be in a guild on Star Forge you can put your characters in my tiny guilds. I'm basically the only person in the guilds who still play. I do understand, though if there are better fits for you or having a preference of being solo on non-primary servers.

    4. That quest's new location took me by surprise when I took Thena through Belsavis, as when I took Vi through it towards the tail-end of 5.0, that quest was still in its original location. So it's either a 6.0 or, bizarrely, a 7.0 change.

      I've also noticed a quest pop up in Republic Olaris that I've never seen before... something to do with retrieving a canister from pirates. Had a multi-stage bonus, which stood out to me as I only ever knew of the one during the Saresh quests that culminated with clicking the big skull pile to activate a big red rakghoul.

      All quite weird.

    5. @Pallais I might take you up on that offer! As I think has become pretty clear from my last few posts, I quite like having a stable "guild home" and am less worried about utility. Just having a guild tag over my name is nice (and can be useful too - on Satele Shan I had to block a level 1 from the Kort guild for spamming guild invites at me over and over even after I'd already declined them half a dozen times).


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